Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calf Climate :: Cattle Cooling & Heating Solutions

Happy, satisfied customers is what we're all about here at RHD and so anytime we have a client who books a SECOND website with us, we're thrilled, because it clearly shows how much they enjoy working with RHD.

Matt Rohrbach is one of our many customers who have multiple sites with us, and we are so proud to launch his latest site, Calf Climate. Calf Climate is part of Innovative Livestock Concepts, a business that specializes in livestock services. Matt's other website with us is http://www.rohrbachcattlecompany.com/. We designed this site for him last summer. He had his Calf Climate website with another firm, but found it so easy and pleasant to work with RHD that he transferred his second site to us too. Matt had especially commented how pleased he was with the speed of updates, and the extra effort that RHD devotes to his account.

On this particular website, the project was taking over an existing website. When we got into the design phase of it, we found that the old website was, unfortunately, difficult to understand. The terminology was hard to follow, and the web site was missing some basic core info like describing what the products he was selling actually was. That's where the expertise of RHD's team came in. We had several phone consultations with Matt to learn the insides and outs of his business, then re-wrote and re-developed his content to help make it easy and clear for people to know how to do business with him.

We absolutely love the new site! When creating the project, we re-vamped his old Calf Climate logo, re-worked his written content, and created a site that is easier to follow and easier to place orders through.

So what is Calf Climate? Well, it's everything you need for cooling and heating your livestock. It's cooler equipment, cooler fans, portable fans, you name it. Then it's everything you need for heating your livestock. Heathers for your barns, clipping rooms, wash racks, and portable heaters for on the show road. We definitely recommed checking it out! Summer's heating up - we could all probably use some help cooling off!!! Visit www.calfclimate.com for information.

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