Thursday, June 7, 2012

B&B Showpigs - Friona, Texas

In the livestock sector, cattle are clearly RHD's biggest clientele area. However, we do enjoy occassionally working with showpig or lamb, or goat clients in the livestock sector to create their websites.

Last week, we designed a new website for B&B Showpigs of Friona, Texas, a partnership operation between Bobby Tyler and Brian Stewart (hence the B&B in the name).

This was a great project to work with first off, because they are AGGIES! (Had to say it!) But seriously, they were a great client to work with.

B&B Showpigs is located in the Texas panhandle in Lazbuddie, Texas, which is an hour west of Amarillo. The Tyler & Stewart families teamed up to offer the best quality show hogs that they can. By visiting their site, you'll see the females and boars they have selected in this effort.

This fall, B&B will have 15 litters born from July through September, including York, Hamp, Cross, Duroc, Spot and Berk. You name it, they have it.  So we invite you to check out and see their operation and give them a call!

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