Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attention College Students & Job Seekers!

It seems that over the course of our professional career, somehow several of us at RHD have become our friends "go to person" when it's time for proofreading, writing letters of recommendation, looking over scholarship applications, and help with resumes and such.

We have developed a new package service for this, which is perfect for recent college graduates looking for their first job or college students who are trying to find that perfect internship. Our resume consultation service is a $150 package that includes the following:

-1 hour of resume consultation. Send us your resume in Word and we'll proofread it for you, help you improve the writing, and help you with the resume layout as far as fonts and spacing and consistency to make sure your resume is sharp, crisp and professional. We'll help you choose action words and write accurate descriptions of your past experiences to make you stand out.

-1 hour of cover letter consultation, if needed. We'll do the same thing as we do with your resume and help you perfect your cover letter. We'll check grammar, spelling, wording, and make sure that the letter is in correct form and style.

-250 business cards, custom designed, printed, and shipped to you - A business card is a must, especially with all of the upcoming stock shows and conventions. When you're talking to a potential employer, obviously you don't want to just tear off a sheet of paper and write your phone number on the back of it. A professional business card sets you apart and shows people that you are serious about your future employment.

Now a word of caution to any of you college slackers --- we aren't going to completley write your resume or cover letter for have to give us something to go by! But, if you're stuck, and just really don't know where to even begin, we can help you with that too, it'll just be included in your 1 hour of consultation.

So whenever you're ready to begin, let us know. You have to give us a little advance notice, like emailing us at midnight the day before your internship application is due isn't going to work...but do a little advance planning we'll do everything we can to help your have all the tools necessary to land that job or internship!


  1. Ranch House this is an awesome idea! I am going to post it on the National Junior Angus Fan page.

  2. What a good idea! Anything that will help set the candidate apart from the others is vital in today's job market!