Friday, February 6, 2009

The Incredible Liz

One of the joys of working at RHD is the people I get to work with. To be honest, we all really like each other and it really makes the work day go by so much faster when you can be around 6 other people who you really like.

So I have been joking with Liz that I was going to write this blog about her and all her funny stories. I should back up by explaining that Liz is from a small town, and she did 4-H Horse Judging, but she's a lot more of the typical graphic-design-hippie type and less of a cowgirl than say, Me, Christa, or Tricia. For example, I think Liz would die before she would be caught wearing cowboy boots, a concho belt, and turquoise. She usually is wearing some trendy outfit straight out of the mall and updates her facebook status like literally every 30 minutes with the most trendy and deep "statuses" i have ever heard. For example, "Your individuality provides a light for others. ;)." And just this week, she got her hair died half black and half red. (I'm jealous's really cute and I'd be too scared to every do anything that gutsy!)
Well, Liz is a very talented graphic designer, but the funniest thing about her is that she has very little actual experience in the cattle business. She especially has NO experience in the swine business. So as we sit in the same office day after day, it's hilarious to me to listen to some of the things she says.

Here are the top "Liz-isms"....
1. Today, while working on the Top Cut Sires Swine Catalog, we are trying to locate a photo of a Hampshire boar. This is when Liz asks me if a Hampshire is the one that looks like it's wearing a white sweater. (Their white belt)

2. While working on the Copper Penny banner for Brian Martin and Nick Reimann, she took down their information over the phone about the sire and dam. When I went to start designing it, I noticed she had written the pedigree is "Woodstocker". I think, hmmm, I don't know of a bull named Woodstocker. But I put it in anyway. Brian approves the banner, with the word "Woodstocker" on it. Before I hang up on the phone with Brian, I say, "Hey, who is the Woodstocker bull...I've never heard of him?" Brian is like "Huh, what??" And I said, "You know, on the banner, where it says Woodstocker."
Wanna guess what it really was........
Good thing we caught that before it went to print!

3. About the same time, she was taking info on another project for a Denver bull. We have this form that we fill out on all the sires we represent. One of the items on the form says "TH/PHA Status:______". On this form, in that area, Liz has written: "TH/PHA Queen". A TH/PHA Queen huh? I sure wouldn't want to see that cow. I had to inform her that the person probably said TH/PHA CLEAN and that there was no pageant or anything that awarded someone as the PHA Queen.

4. She also refers to a Chianina (Chi) steer as if it were the type of steer that you would use to flat iron your hair Chi (pronounced chee for all you guys who don't know what a chi iron is.) instead of a "key" steer.

And the best Liz story is this....

This summer, she called Pearl Walthall to order a photo from the Missouri State Fair. I was kinda just in and out and I overheard Liz on the phone saying...

"HI, this is Liz with Ranch House Designs. I need to order a photo of the Grand Champion SENTIMENTAL Steer". (Simmental steer)

I'm sure Pearl got a big kick out of that one! SO now it's our inside joke about all those sentimental steers.

Anyway, of course, I'm just giving Liz a hard time, and I know that for someone who's not quite as familiar with all this cattle and pig stuff as us, I'm sure it's a big adjustment! She says her favorite thing is working on all those boar catalog...the pictures of all the boar booties gives her a chuckle every time!

We love you Liz!! And for our loyal blog readers, next time you call our office, why not ask Liz how all her sentimental steers are doing!


  1. How funny! If I ever quit teaching, I want to come work in your office...

  2. I can't stop laughing as I'm picturing Pearl on the other end of the phone trying to hold it together & not make Liz feel bad. Thanks Liz for allowing us all a little comic relief at your expense - these were priceless!