Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flycatcher Farm :: Brownsboro, TX Angus & Simmental Breeder

More websites going up, and this one is a great one!
Flycatcher Farm is owned by Joe and Kathy Smith of Brownsboro, Texas.

Suprisingly, before we did this website I had never heard of Brownsboro, Texas. Brownwood, yes. Brownsville, yes. But not Brownsboro.

So where is this town? It's a small town located in East Texas located on Highway 31 about halfway between Athens and Tyler. And if you're an Angus and Simmental person, you'll probably be getting more familiar with this name because it is the home of Flycatcher Farm!

This farm has established a top notch set of donors, including Simmental donors from Hudson Pines and Texas A&M University and Angus donors from top herds.

We really enjoyed working on this project because it gave us an opportunity to work with Paul Maulsby, who is their herd consultant. Paul is a very talented individual in the beef industry and it is always a pleasure to bounce around new ideas with him! We are excited about working with Paul to use our mutual expertise to help promote the Flycatcher program.

So we invite you to check it out at!

On a side note, this makes our 32nd Angus website that we have designed. Idk if the Angus people are just now hearing of RHD or what :) But we have more Angus websites on our lists to be designed than any other breed. Maybe it's all those Angus burgers we've been eating lately from McDonalds that's giving us good karma. Regardless, it's always fun to do websites where we see those lovely Angus donor females and to work with Angus breeders. Thanks y'all!!

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