Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cyclone Trace Cattle Company : Clarion, Iowa

At RHD, one of the things we always say is that we have the honor of working with the best breeders in the business. And though it sounds cliche, it really is true. Cyclone Trace Cattle Company is one of these breeders that is known as "the best of the best."  Within the past 5 years, they have totally emerged as one of the most competitive and consistent Shorthorn show cattle firms in the nation. Based out of Clarion, Iowa, the CYT team knows what it takes to reach the top by raising outstanding Shorthorn cattle matched by a great team of customer service!

Cyclone Trace has been an RHD customer since 2007, making that 5 years of putting their confidence in our team. Earlier in the year, we began working with Sarah Hunter on a new look for the CYT website. It was a great project from day one. Sarah is a marketing professional in her own right and gave us great material and photos to work with. Stacey led the design team on this project and the design she created was fantastic. It really brought a whole new level tot he CYT marketing program, and especially gave an updated look to their website that was designed in 2007. 

For this site, we went with the best of the best. Lots of flash slide shows, great photos, and great content. We are so excited to publish this one for everyone to look at! Check out the new look at

PROJECT TEAM: Sarah Hunter of CYT, Stacey Shanks, Jessica Hobbs

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