Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rusty Rose

Looking for some cool jewelry or a unique shirt to spice up your summer wardrobe? Then look no further than The Rusty Rose. Owner and designer Andrea Glenn has a passion for fun, trendy things, which led her to begin making jewelry several years ago. Once friends and family saw her creations, they wanted some for themselves.

The Rusty Rose offers things you won’t see anywhere else – purses, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Eye catching designs that will get you noticed.

In her spare time, Andrea is employed as a sales rep for Plainview Farm Chemical where she sells seed, chemical, and fertilizer. Making jewelry and selling clothes is her outlet to indulge her girly side when she isn’t busy out in the fields with her full time job.

Let The Rusty Rose help you accessorize your life! Contact Andrea today to unleash the girly girl in you or someone you care about!

Top Cut Genetics Summer Specials

Summer Savings time starts today at Top Cut Genetics!  From May 27 to August 22nd, take advantage of special pricing on all of the boars in stud at Top Cut. Here is a list of the boars and special pricing. For more information visit the Top Cut Web Site at or call 1-888-486-7288. We have been proud to work with the Hendricksons since 2003 and Top Cut since 2008. When the two firms merged last year, we were honored that they chose RHD for their advertising firm. Check out these specials...

Augusta, Big Blast, Long Shot, Outlier, Step Ahead, Sudden Impact
2 doses: $100 each, 3-4 doses: $90, 5+ doses: $80

Blueprint, Buck Fever, Full Dimension, Major Impact, No Question, Priority One, Pure Vision, Rude Awakening, Tripp Your Trigger
2 doses: $75 each, 3-5 doses: $65, 5+ doses: $60

Bailout, Blackjack, Hammer Down, Major Feat, Mass Monkey, Mudslide, Pure Power
2 doses: $60 each, 3-5 doses: $50, 5+ doses: $45

All You Want, Antidote, Bandit, Be Aware, Chaos, Collision, Full Tank, Hercules, Here I Am, High Society, Natural Disaster, Rehab, Sir George, Timber, Timebomb, White Chocolate
2 doses: $35 each, 3-5 doses: $30, 5+ doses: $25

40 Watt, Circumference, Dual Tank, Easy Does It, Economizer, Gunsmoke, Hook Em, Mislead, Phenomax, Rewind, Solid Gold, Storm Chaser
2 doses: $25 each, 3-5 doses $20, 5+ doses: $15

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2H Transport

If you need to have something hauled from point A to point B, give our newest web site client, 2H Transport, a call. Based in Longview, Texas, 2H Transport is committed to delivering your product in a timely, reliable and efficient manner.

They recognize the importance of quality and dependable service in today’s competitive environment. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 2H Transport is ready to give you the personal attention you deserve and meet all of your hot shot trucking needs.

Visit their web site and contact them today to see how they can help you with your transportation needs.

New Office for RHD!

Big things going on today....we are closing on a new office building which will be the new home of Ranch House Designs, Inc. Over the past few years, we have been in two offices since opening our Wharton office 4 years ago. Our first office was a real crap-o, but at the time we thought it was a chateau. Then, we were lucky enough to be able to lease the top floor of 810 North Fulton, which is one of the best offices in town. Here, we've been able to spend nearly 3 years in a great building with great . Every day is a treat because we share our office with great people and we have lots of fun. But, our new office is going to be nearly 3 times as big, so we are excited about the move!

How this whole office came about it a real story in itself. About 5 weeks ago, I started reading the new Joel Osteen book, whose overall theme is that if you have patience and faith that God will put so many good things in your path. He also talks about how certain moments and certain people are put in your life to change your destiny. The morning after I read that part of the book, I was chit chatting with our neighbor at the office next door, Raymond Harrison. He commented on how our business was growing and he keeps seeing more cars in the parking lot every day. I said that yes, and that we loved our location but if there was ever a building that came up for sale in Wharton where we could have more space, we would be interested.

Raymond then said that unfortunately, finding office space in Wharton was difficult, because a lot of the buildings stay with the same owner for years and years and years. But he said he would let me know. The very next day, Raymond called me and said he had unbelievable news....that a great building just went on the market THAT DAY and that I should go look at it.

The building for sale was the Colorado Baptist Association's office building. It is a great building that I have actually scoped out numerous times on our dream list of office buildings in town. But since it was owned by the church, we figured it would never go on the market. I quickly drove a few blocks across town and stalked the building, since it was closed on a Friday afternoon. Being the impulsive person I am, I called the realtor right away. We arranged a meeting for Monday morning to look inside the building.

Over that weekend, I assembled the RHD advisory board members (my mom and dad, and both sets of my grandparents). We all convened at the new building on Monday morning to look. As soon as we walked in, I loved it. Big, spacious, lots of room, a great workroom, a great kitchen, and a huge conference room.

So at this point, I'm thinking, do I play it cool and act ho-hum? While my mom and grandpa Johnston were inspecting things like structures and all that, my grandpa Williams had already cornered the realtor.

For those of you who know my granddad, you know he loves any type of deal, be it a cow trade, a land trade, or real estate. So after everyone had cleared out, he stuck around and asked me what I thought. I could tell he thought I should make an offer. I said I liked it, and would make an offer, but didn't want to look too eater so I was going to call the realtor a little later that afternoon.

But no...super dealer Sloan Williams walked up to the realtor and said, "We're prepared to make an offer RIGHT NOW." As we sat down, Dadaw morphed into Real Estate Superman. He was throwing out words like earnest money, time being of the essence, and all kinds of impressive stuff. As we made our offer, the realtor said he would have to talk with the church board to see if they would accept. Then Super Dealer says, "We would like an answer by the end of the day!" HA! Now I see where I get my impulsiveness from!

We didn't get our answer that day, but after about 3 days of negotiating, we came to an agreement and signed the contract. Over the past month everyone here at the office has been a buzz of excitement about our new office. And, with that, of course we're going to do a little remodeling!!! Everyone has their ideas and we promised each other that when we have our new office, we would get a symbol that really signifies our place as a leading graphic design firm....A GIANT WRITE ON WHITE BOARD!!!! ha ha

So here are a few photos of the building, as we are purchasing it. We will try to post pictures of the remodel as more things are being updated!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emmons Ranch Beefmasters

If you’re shopping for your next show heifer, be sure and check out Emmons Ranch Beefmasters selection of spring born heifer calves or ready to go show heifers.

When you choose to go with Emmons Ranch Beefmasters, you're not just buying a name- but a program. Steve and Cindy Emmons, owners of the ranch, have been breeding BBU Beefmaster cattle since 1975. They’ve built their herd with honest, predictable, and profitable Beefmaster cattle, backed by a 30 year guarantee.

Visit their Cattle for Sale page to see the complete selection of cattle being offered at the 2010 Emmons Ranch Production Sale Saturday, May 22.

Emmons Ranch Beefmasters accepts scramble certificates from the major livestock shows. If you’re looking for your next winner, give them a call or visit their web site at

Emmons Ranch Beefmasters is also a proud GO TEXAN partner. The Texas Department of Agriculture's GO TEXAN program promotes the products, culture and communities that call Texas home. When you see the GO TEXAN mark, you've found Lone Star pride. Find out more at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ganaderia Flor del Valle

If you’re fluent in Spanish or are feeling up for a challenge and want to see how much you remember from that high school or college Spanish class, check out our newest web site Ganaderia Flor del Valle. It’s a beautiful ranch located in Honduras and the entire web site is in Spanish.

Founded in 1989, the ranch has built an impressive herd of Brahman cattle and has a long list of winners, including recent winners at the Expica 2010 Guatemala.

For more than 20 years Ganaderia Flor del Valle has been committed to serving their clients’ needs and establishing a reputation built on trust and respect.

So brush up on your Spanish and head down south for a visit at the Ganaderia Flor del Valle. Or if you’re one of those individuals who likes to look at the pictures in a book, this web site is for you. They do have some great looking cattle to see.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Serenity House

Our newest web site Serenity House is a faith-based haven that helps women break the cycle of abuse in their lives. A beautiful, serene setting in the south Texas coastal area, Serenity House is designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

The Serenity House allows each client to work on herself, develop skills and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The goal of the program is to help woman become self sufficient and be able to support herself in society. With that goal in mind, courses are offered in computer, cooking, jewelry making, and fundamentals of finance for daily living. Serenity House also teaches office management skills and provides courses for women to complete their GED and obtain a high school diploma, as well as take college level courses.

In an effort to obtain additional life skills, Serenity House and its residents also maintain year-round vegetable and flower gardens, selling these goods at the local Farmers Market.

Serenity House offers hope through God to those in recovery.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Update Results

Spring is in the air and everyone seems to be busy with spring activities. But don’t neglect your web site. Update your site frequently to keep your content fresh and visitors coming back!

Ranch House Designs’ Update Division handled 359 updates for the month of April and all of our top updaters this month are Texas based. Beefmaster Breeders United and Independent Cattleman’s Association tied for first with 12 updates each.

In a close second place was Nix Farms with 11 updates, followed by the American Brahman Breeders Association who sent in 10 updates placing them in third place.

And once again, the average turnaround time for updating sites is less than one day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oden Ranch

ODEN RANCH is a Brahman operation located near the Louisiana border in deep east Texas, with more than 20 years experience in the ranching world. They recently began focusing on registered Brahmans, due to the beef industry traits offered by the breed and its junior show programs.

The herd at Oden Ranch includes both red and gray cattle, with foundations in the leading bloodlines available in the world. They are using many of the most sought after sires in the breed through AI and ET, including +Mr. Winchester Magnum 999, and the 2010 International Champion Red Bull Mr. KC Whiskey 20/7.

Oden Ranch has been fortunate enough to enjoy success in the show ring over the past few years, including numerous championships at ABBA approved shows. In 2010 they exhibited the International Champion Red Brahman Female and in 2009 the Reserve National Champion Red Brahman Female.

They just completed a very successful sale but still have a great selection of Brahman calves available private treaty at the ranch.

Visit Oden Ranch in Waskom, Texas, to see their American-influenced show steers and heifers. Perfect for all levels of competition from county fairs to major livestock shows!