Monday, June 25, 2012

Bush Show Goats : San Juan Bautista, California

RHD is cranking out the new websites, with 10 new sites going up in June so far...and more to come! As the world's best livestock advertising agency, we are proud to be the web designer for not just cattle producers, but horse enthusiasts, rodeo professionals, showpig breeders, and show lamb and goat breeders.

Our newest website to go up is Bush Show Goats from San Juan Bautista, California....better known as the home of Maximus.

I have to admit, I was really excited to do this website when I saw it come across our production calendar. Here at RHD, the way our production process works is that usually Tricia is the first contact for people. She does all the initial organization, legwork, pricing, etc. When the project is booked and ready to design, it goes in our project bins and is assigned to a designer. So for me, I'm a designer, and lots of times I don't know what project I'll be working on that day until I pick up my project from our bins.

So when I saw Bush Show Goats, from California, I this the same Bush family that judges Shorthorn shows? I looked on the folder and saw that the proofing contact was Dustin Bush. So I worked up the design, and asked him if he was related to Dan Bush from California. Turns out he was! I was so excited because I have shown under Dan Bush several times with our Shorthorns, and always find it a pleasure. So I was really excited.

I had no idea that the Bush family even raised show goats. I just knew Mr. Bush was a cattle judge so I thought cattle was their main focus. Turns out they have some great goats too! Just check out Maximus!

The Bush family is one of the many clients from California that we are excited to meet when we head out to the California State Fair later this summer. We think they are a great family and we are honored to be working with them.

Project Team: Tricia, Liz, Stacey, Jessica

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