Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bonham Show Cattle :: Newcastle, OK

One of our newest sites to go up is a new website for Bonham Show Cattle of Newcastle, OK and Hempstead, TX,

Bonham Show Cattle is actually a firm that began as a client of RHD in 2003. Through the years, the firm decide  to work with other individuals or firms for various reasons or another. Earlier in the year, the firm began visiting with RHD again and realized that they wanted to bring their business back to Ranch House Designs, Inc.

Now we have to be honest, sometimes when this happens, we tell people to go take a hike. But in most cases, we find all of our clients to be pleasant to work with and we were happy and excited to begin working with the Bonham team once again.

One of the nice things about their website was the decision to separate their winners pages into two groups: Slick winners and haired winners. This was Steve's suggestion personally...not that he knows anything about marketing cattle ha ha! :) He pointed out that slick steer winners are different than haired winners, and that it made better since to have them displayed separately. We totally agreed, and honestly thought why hadn't we thought of that before! So we thought it will be interesting now to see how many other firms began to separate out their website pages to have separate pages for haired and slick cattle. Great idea there Steve!

So we invite you to check out the new site, and to always keep Bonham in mind for your show steer and club calf needs.

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