Thursday, October 23, 2008

McMonopoly Baby!

Anyone who appreciates the fast service of a drive thru is all too aware of the latest craze. McDonald's Monopoly! Just like the traditional game this diet friendly version has the RHD office in a frenzy. Our fearless leader Rachel has the official game board with the pieces tucked in their respective pockets. This game board is placed in a safe at the end of each day. Why you may ask? Well, it is because we are not taking this series lightly and utilizing all of our resources.

First, Ranch House Designs has locations in Wharton and College Station. Although both in Texas we have got different pieces from each. Not too far from Texas is Arkansas, a state that Rachel has been visiting often. Again the potential for other pieces is growing. However, perhaps the greatest tool to our winning the million is me and the Texas A&M Livestock Judging Team.
Anyone who knows about collegiate judging realizes that we are on the road more than we are on campus. As our season starts to wrap up, we have two contests that are at great distances away. This next Tuesday we are leaving for Kansas City, Missouri in a van! What does that mean? Lots of opportunity to gain pieces from different states. Also, my family is from Indiana and they are aware of the pieces that we are missing and have been dispatched to track down the stragglers.

Once we win the big bucks and retire from advertising, I will make sure that we remember all of the little people (or big people since we are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Micky D's, see Tight Fittin' Khakis) who helped us get to that beach house in the Caribbean with servants. Our competitiveness towards this game has reached such heights that we know how many pieces we will get before they even hand us the bag from the window. For example, 4 hash browns, 2 large cokes, and a chicken sandwich yield 14 game pieces and one $100,000 code that must be entered online.

So if anyone has some McDonald's Monopoly pieces sitting at the bottom of their cup holder in their car or mixed in the change cup, please send them our way!

Monday, October 13, 2008

New S2W Spotlight

I took a break from piddling (whatever!) to put up this week's spotlight on So, take some time to see what Cally Thomas of South Dakota has to say. Click here to read more! Don't forget you can also check out our past spotlights archived at the bottom of that page.

If you want to be considered for a spotlight, send us an email using the form on the web site. We're looking to spotlight both current and past exhibitors as well as professionals in the agriculture/livestock industry.

Keep checking back every week to see who was selected as the spotlight!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Check out Sarah Stream

This is a short blog post, but we have a NEW educational spotlight this week on Show to Win...Miss Sarah Stream from Iowa. Check out her insights at!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm spending two days down in South Texas at Mr. Cannon's Ranch near Kingsville. I always look forward to a few days in the RV/cattle trailer as a restful - quiet get a way. Prior to leaving on this trip, I noticed a few little ants in my underware drawer in the trailer. I figured - no problem - I'll just take the drawer outside and dump the ants and be on my way. Surely that would take care of the little pests because if they knew what was best for them, they would certainly not want to be anywhere near my pants during the south Texas heat. I thought I won the battle and retired to bed.

The ants had other plans.

The ants took up shop in my bed. All night long the little @)#*# stung places on my body that I didn't even know I had. I got up about midnight, and smashed - pinched - and killed every one that I could find in my bed. I thought I won the battle ... but I was wrong. All night, they chewed on me.

This morning when Jim got up, his first 'honey do' was to go to the store and buy me a Ant Arsenol. I sprayed all around the trailer and then got into the shower. I thought surely I won the battle.

After getting out of the shower, I see the ants have now invaded a unforgiveable place. All bets are off now. They were in my box of apricot kolaches. At this point, I'm going nuclear on the little commie @#*) ants.

Jim and I spent two hours taking everything out of the trailer, and hunting down the little hilters and his queens. Now, I have ant bait everywhere in the trailer and I have sprayed every non-human crack possible. There's no way osama ben ladin and his ant army is alive in this trailer.

I am now retiring to bed- I have fought the good fight. I don't think there is a ant within 10 yards of this trailer. My luck - there will be some pesky skeeter buzzing around my head tonight. Ugh..