Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As Rachel has already mentioned, our county fair wrapped up last week. However, I had three kids showing a pig, not just one. Which is even worse, because not a single pig made the sale. A real bummer all the way around! It's bad enough when you're competing in your own county against 150 other kids, I just can't imagine being in a "big" show with hundreds of competitors.

Let's just say, it was a tough year and and we look forward to some change ups next year! Plus we'll have one more eligible exhibitor.

As if a week at the fair wasn't enough, my husbands grandmother also passed away and we had to make a trip to Beaumont last Friday for the services. She was actually his step grandmother, as she married his grandfather in the 70's, several years after they had both lost their spouses. If any one happened to be at Texas A&M 20 plus years ago, you may have known Dr. R.C. Potts, associate dean in the College of Agriculture. That was my husband Lance's grandfather.

After a few extra days off last week, it's back to work and building web sites. We continue to get calls daily from people wanting to get on the list! Job security - I love it! I'm still learning the tricks of the trade (not sure I'll ever know them all!) but it's incredibly fun and exciting!

Summer is quickly approaching and my kids are counting down the days until school is out. Then, I'll start counting the days 'til they go back. Not really, I don't start counting until about the middle of July. I always look forward to the summer and the lack of a regimented rountine - no bed times, no homework, no after-school activities. That's nice for awhile. A short while.

Perhaps, since this is the first summer I've been gainfully employed in more than 10 years, it will be different. At least I won't be at home to hear the cries of "I'm bored, what can I do?"