Thursday, May 21, 2009

RHD Print Item in Druckenmiller Benefit Auction

We invite everyone to check out the Druckenmiller Family Benefit Auction, going on now through May 25th at

This online auction is set up to help support some of our fellow friends in the cattle business. Bode and Brystol Druckenmiller of Iowa are two wonderful boys with loving, caring parents. Both are hemophiliacs with Factor 8 deficiencies and Brystol was also born with a complex heart defect requiring multiple additional cardiac surgeries. Each has has multiple recurrent hospitalizations over essentially their entire lives, yet today they are strong, bright young boys that I hope the cattle community will see fit to help.

RHD has donated a 1 page ad design that can be used for your ads in the August 2009 State Fair issues. We will create and design your ad for you that you can place in any magazine(s) you wish, or even have flyers made of this ad if you don't plan on advertising anywhere.

We are also working on getting a web site donated too!
Our print ad donation item is at

If you are the winning bidder we will need your ad materials by June 25th and you will need to contact the publication of your choice and let them know that you are wanting an ad.

If anyone is interested and has questions just email

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Dream PROM

Oh yeah, that's right, it's PROM time!! I know for me personally, anytime I stroll through Dillards or Macy's at the mall I always want to stop and admire all the beautiful prom dresses. I love them all...especially the ones that are sequined, beaded, or strapless!

Let's back up to 1996 and 1997, the dates of my very own junior and senior proms. Despite the amazing sophisticate I am now, I'll admit, back in my high school days I wasn't really into fashions and I didn't even highlight my hair! My token outfit was jeans and a polo t-shirt. So a fancy prom dress really wasn't on my radar.

My prom date in 1996 was my good friend and fellow Brahman showman Matthew "Peabo" Bryson. He kindly came down from Dallas and was my dream date (just as friends). We went as a big group of people with myself and my best friends Russell Sciba, Justin Walker and their dates. Our vehicle of choice was my mom's suburban (no stretch limo's here). We went to eat at Pappadeaux's in Houston before-hand and I remember thinking we were SOOOO COOOOL because we all ordered strawberry daquiri's sans alcohol obviously.

In 1997, I had decided I wasn't even going to the big Boling High School prom, because I'd rather go to a cattle show instead. But as it turns out I changed my mind at the last minute, and this time my date was another one of my best friends, Taylor Burns. Taylor was a sophomore so he was pretty cool by having a date with a senior girl. (Just kidding, I was no catch!) We had a great time again, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I don't even remember what we did after prom, I think we might have went bowling. This time we went in Taylor's Ford truck.

So for most girls, the exciting part about prom is choosing your dress and getting your hair done. Again, not so much for me. My junior year, I got a dress at Dillards that was a short, red Nicole Miller dress that was somewhat of a halter top. It was cute, but nothing special and certainly no beads or sequins. I did my own hair in hot rollers at my own house. Fun fun.

For my senior year, I guess my dress was a little fancier, but I purchased it at this old lady boutique in our hometown. So it definitely wasn't a "prom" dress, it was more of just a fancier dress. This one was a long black dress that kind had a sheer mid-driff. That was about the most risque thing I ever wore in high school, and embarassingly I continued to wear it a couple times in college at some formals. But again, no beads, no sequins.

Finally, in 2008, I got my dream prom dress. Well, sort of. I was hanging out at my cousin's the Forgason's house about a month ago and my 16-year-old cousin Emily offered to show me her prom pictures. After looking at them, I saw my dream dress, and it was owned by Emily. I said..."hey, I want to go put on your prom dress". I think she thought I was lying, but I said again, "no, I really want to".

So, up the stairs we go to Emily's bedroom and start putting on the dress. It was the coolest dress I've ever seen. Red, strapless, very shiny, and lots of beads. The back is laced up and gorgeous. So Emily laces me in the dress, and for a brief moment, I close my eyes and picture myself walking into the BHS Prom Grand March of 1997, complete with the Clay Walker "Keeper of the Stars" song playing in my head since that was our prom "theme". :)

After getting all laced in, we went downstairs and proceeded to take pretend prom pictures, i.e. on the stairway, posing, etc. The funny part was that ironically, my still good friend and fellow 1997 BHS Prom-Goer, Russell Sciba also happened to be at the Forgason's that night clipping some of their calves. Emily and her sisters tried to talk me into walking out to the barn where Russell was clipping and ask him if he'd be my date to the prom. But, I was honestly a little scared that if I stayed in this dress too long I might bust it open since Emily is a little bit skinnier than me!

So.....I finally have gotten my dream prom dress, if only for 10 minutes. And I have to admit, it looked a lot better on Emily and her date! But if I ever do need a dashing gown to wear to some big formal event, I know who to ask if I can borrow this dress!