Monday, June 11, 2012

Law Office of Donato Ramos :: Laredo & Cuero, TX

 One of our newest websites to go online is the Law Office of Donato Ramos in Laredo & Cuero, Texas.

This project was actually a whirlwind project that started just about 3 weeks ago and flew by as a fast paced, exciting project.

Our first contact with the DDR firm began through Rachel's good friend, Andrew Abrameit, who is an attorney at the firm. The Ramos firm was looking for a professional agency that could capture their professional image, but also tie in the unique look to appeal to their south Texas clientele. The Ramos family also has a longstanding ranching heritage, so they felt like RHD was a great fit.

One of the things we loved about this project is the task to capture the look of south Texas. Andrew also informed us that the Ramos family preferred a classy and elegant look. To accomplish this, we chose a rich leather texture for the background. We LOVE the implementation of the Ramos family brand, shown here. We also used several unique photographs taken from both the Ramos land and other ranches in south Texas. Some of the photos we used were even taken by Rachel's dad, Jim, through his travels! The photos shown here in this swatch are uniquely "south Texas" and look great on the site.

Once the design was approved, we quickly began working to add the content because this is a site we were anxious to get online and showcase. As Andrew commented to Rachel-- we both felt like we were about to publish one of the best law firm websites in Texas!

I invite you to check out the site at The firm provides experienced representation regarding oil and gas leasing, royalty division order and pipeline questions. They serve the entire Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas.

Thanks to the firm for working with RHD!

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