Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hannah Montana Movie

This Saturday, I braved the movie theatres along with several other loyal Hannah Montana fans to see the opening weekend of the Hannah Montana Movie. Now, I bet you wouldn't have picked me for a Hannah fan...considering I'm several years past junior high.

But, I'll admit, I'm a closet Hannah Montana junkie, and I'm not the only one. I got into watching Hannah on Saturday mornings with my friend Stephanie, who's dad is the right-hand cowman on the ranch. Last spring when I was stuck inside with my broken ankle, Stephanie came to visit me and we would watch That's So Raven, followed by Hannah Montana, followed by The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Ironically, this year at the Lone Star Edition sale I also found out that another adult, Laci Bracewell, also loves these three shows. So this gave me hope that I'm not the only person above age 14 who is addicted to this stuff!

In addition to the Saturday ritual of watching HM, I also have purchased a few signature Hannah items....again -- all for gifts for my friend Stephanie. But anytime there is a birthday or Christmas, you can be sure we're getting her something related to the teen pop star idol. These gifts range from movies, t-shirts....and the all time best --- a REAL Hannah Montana blonde wig, which we all put on and model for a good laugh!

A few months ago during one of our Saturday 'girls mornings' we saw the preview for the movie, and we made a promise that we would go watch it together. As all loyal Hannah fans know, Friday was opening day. Of course there are no theatres in Boling, so our normal theatre is in Rosenberg which is near Houston. I went online to check it out on Friday morning (opening day) and all the tickets were sold out online.

I decided to check out another local theatre, which is Showplace 3 in El Campo. This theatre is quite a bit older, doesn't have stadium seating, doesn't show as current of movies, but it's a lot less crowded. As I find their web site, I am definitely suprised to see that this small town theatre is offering Hannah Montana on opening weekend!!! I'm thinking this is the hook up because surely it won't be as crowded and we can go.

So Stephanie and I make a plan to go to the early show at 1:00 p.m. We get there about 30 minutes early and to my suprise, there are plenty of seats. I'm even happier when our combined bill for two tickets is $4. One ticket at the other theatre is like $8.25 -- so I'm thinking this is a real deal.

As we sit down, the first thing I notice is that the background music they are playing in the theatre is the song "Hanging Tough" by New Kids on the Block. I think this is a random song, but I'm pleasantly suprised to hear the rest of the New Kids cd from circa 1990....considering I was in elementary school when it came out. I'm guessing this theatre needs to update their music collection.

I won't give away all of the secrets of the movie....but I have to was really good. The music and songs by Hannah are great, and I really liked the new song that Taylor Swift sang on the movie. Rascall Flatts sang a few songs, and Billy Ray Cyrus also had a new song on there. I loved Hannah's outfits....I would love to have the dress she wore on her date! And I loved the hometown setting of Miley's hometown in Tennessee. I wish I could paint a chicken coop as good as Miley. And I might even download that Hoedown song on my ipod and see if I can figure out how to do that dance.

I'll also admit that I love Miley's new song -- The Climb. This performance was the finale of the movie...and I'm not too embarassed to say -- I got a little tear-y eyed. The movie had a great moral and it was one I'd recommend to anyone, young or old....especially if you like Hannah/Miley. Miley says....Life's always a climb....but the view sure is great :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March Updates Top 5

RHD Statistician Luann Williams proudly announces our TOP 5 Most Frequent Updaters for the month of March! Check out these sites and see all their news items!

American International Charolais Assn. - 14 updates in March
American Brahman Breeders Assn. - 11 updates in March

Of course, you would expect breed associations to be updating this frequently since both of these groups have lots of activities and programs going on.

Here are our top breeder web site updaters for March. Spring sales are keeping everyone busy with their sites by adding new photos and information!

GKB Cattle - 12 updates
Lautner Farms - 9 updates
Hudec Cattle - 7 updates
Matt Lautner Cattle - 6 updates

If you ask these clients they'll tell you that they get the best response and results from their web site when they update it with new information. People love seeing new photos and reading new text. So just a reminder to take some time to look over your web site, and let us know if there is anything that can be added, updated, or freshened up.

Oh, and for whoever the idiot was on SteerPlanet who posted that RHD only updates web sites on Sundays and on the weekend, you'll like this little bit of info. # of updates done in March: 212. Average turnaround time - 3 hours.