Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diebel Cattle Company

Diebel Cattle Company
is a family owned and operated, fifth generation ranching operation involved in beef cattle, wildlife, and hay production. Established in 1893 by one of Victoria’s pioneer cattleman C.T. Beck, the ranch today consists of approximately 15,000 acres of owned and leased land in the Victoria County area.

The ranching enterprise is a balance of both improved and native forage species which compliment all classes of livestock and wildlife and is beneficial in many areas of conservation.The primary ranch resources today consist of a commercial cow/calf operation, an intensive stocker cattle program, and a club calf operation.

The goal of the livestock enterprises is to produce moderate, efficient, and productive feeder cattle and club calves that meet the demands of today’s ever-changing marketplace. Retained ownership and intensive production records enable the ranch to continuously stay informed of genetic, management, and environmental variabilities that enhance desireable carcass traits. The importance of managing all ranch resources for future generations has been the focus, and will continue to be the primary goal of our family’s ranching legacy.

R.A. Brown Ranch

Since 1895, the R.A. Brown Ranch has been producing some of the most superior cattle and Quarter Horses in the industry. This progressive family ranching business, originally established by R.H. Brown, is now in its 5th generation. Today the ranch is owned by R.A. “Rob” & Peggy Brown, along with their children.

Covering almost 40,000 acres in Texas and Colorado, they raise and sell four breeds of cattle: Angus, Red Angus, SimAngus and Hotlander (a four breed composite developed on the ranch in the late 80’s). Extensive records are maintained on over 1000 head of seedstock cows, 200 commercial cows and 35 Quarter Horse broodmares. They are also assertive in wildlife management, including whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkeys, quail, dove, and many tanks stocked with hybrid fish (Tiger Bass).

The Mission Statement of the R.A. Brown Ranch is very clear: "We are striving to improve the efficiency of converting God’s forage into healthy, nutritious, great tasting BEEF to better feed His people".

Best known for their powerful breeding bulls, R.A. Brown Ranch holds a production sale every year. This year’s sale will be Wednesday, October 13th at the ranch headquarters in Throckmorton, Texas. Visit their web site for complete details and more information.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tewalt-Wilson Livestock

Located on the western edge of Idaho, Tewalt-Wilson Livestock is working to make a name for themselves in the sheep world. They fully understand that Idaho and southern Oregon may not have national recognition as a hub for club lamb activity, but firmly believe the quality of their program makes the trip to Idaho worth the time and effort.

Tewalt-Wilson has made a noticeable investment in Suffolk and Hamp influenced genetics and their proof is on their Winners page. Lots of grand champions and reserve champions are featured on this page.

Be sure and visit their web site to see the quality of livestock they have to offer. And feel free to contact them with any specific need or question regarding show lambs, stud rams, replacement breeding stock or bred ewes.

Better yet, if you’re on the western edge of the United States, stop by Meridian, Idaho, and visit them on the farm.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks Cattle.Com!

It just so happened that this morning I had to come in to the office really early, being the nice daughter that I am, to check my dad in for a flight that he has tomorrow to go to the Cates/Winegardner wedding in Indiana. We open RHD at 9:00 a.m., so that gave me about 2 hours of peace and quiet at the office by myself as I waited for the RHD doors to officially open. So, what do I do during this time? Use it for some "me time" to check out what's going on facebook, fiddle around with our blog, and catch up on one of my favorite web sites....

As I was reading through Jeff's most recent posts, I learned quite a bit of new stuff. First, I was laughing out loud about his post on the (Cattle Chute). Did anyone happen to catch the Bible verse Jeff cited when he wrote back to the person in response to "stay blessed?" If you didn't, be sure to go back and read it, pretty tricky Jeff.

Second, I also got a kick out of Jeff's post talking about the new laws on who is responsible for what people post on web sites was also enlightening. Hmmmm, good to know. I can think of a few people who might be hearing from my lawyer: J. Noble Dagget. (Anyone know that line?)

But really, seriously, the thing that I was writing this blog about was where Jeff lists his outgoing traffic report from Last month, Jeff sent us 132 visitors to the RHD blog from having us listed on his site. WOW! We really appreciate it. So I am asking everyone to visit if you haven't lately. You'll get a good laugh by reading some of Jeff's funny posts and also probably learn a few things too. Let's see if we can get at last 132 people to go back to Jeff's site! :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goddard Cattle Co.

It’s not too late to check out the online Club Calf Sale for new RHD client, Goddard Cattle Co. The online sale started Sept. 7 and goes until 7 p.m. Sept. 8.

A family business in Stanton, Iowa, cattle have always been part of the Goddard family's heritage. In 2005, Randy, Denise and their four children re-established the family cattle operation as the Goddard Cattle Co.

Their operation’s main focus is on club calf genetics. In addition to their fall bid-off sale over Labor Day weekend, there is also a consignment sale in late fall.

Goddard Cattle Co. offers a quality line up of club calf sires and markets semen to fellow club calf producers. Look for their elite sires at Denver.

Visit their web site to view their Labor Day sale offering, as well as their bull line up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fusion Cattle

If you are looking for quality Shorthorn cattle, be sure and visit one of our newest web sites Fusion Cattle. They have a great selection of spring born calves ready for sale. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or looking for a project, you’re sure to find something you like.

Located in central Illinois, Fusion Cattle is a partnership between two families with deep roots in the cattle industry. The Truckenbrod Family has been raising Shorthorn cattle for 45 years; the Hofstatter Family, though new to the Shorthorn breed, have been raising quality beef for 100 years. Through a union of marriage, Fusion Cattle now strives to produce great Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus livestock.

A quick glace at their Champions page indicates they are doing things right. The purple ribbons, trophies, and happy customers through the years speak for themselves.

Fusion Cattle has more than 100 head of Shorthorn cows calving each year and they are continually introducing new genetics. Also, be sure and check out Fusion Cattle’s Arsenal of top notch bulls

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Memory of Heat Wave

Today we had the honor of designing a very special ad that will be appearing in the fall edition of The Showtimes, a tribute to Heat Wave. I felt so honored to design this, because Heat Wave is a bull that is very special to me. I designed my first ad for Heat Wave in 2004. I can't explain how excited I was as a young designer to get to work with a bull of such prominence. I can still remember the excitement I felt as Matt or Phil would call me and report one state fair after another that Heat Wave won that summer. Through the years, RHD did tons of ads featuring this bull. I remember in 2007, Heat Wave won something like 27 state fairs. Imagine fitting all those winners on an ad!

Working with Heat Wave was always fun, because he has a great photo (my opinion the best club calf bull photo ever), he has a great name, and he had an unmatched track record. Now, the bull I get excited about doing is Monopoly, a Heat Wave son. I got the same feeling this week when Matt texted me the video of Monopoly winning his first state fair at the Minnesota State Fair. And, I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot more of those texts as the Monopoly winners keep rolling in, just like I used to get of Heat Wave from 2004-2010 when I worked with his ads. But, there's still something very special about the original -- Heat Wave. The bull that I worked with for 6 years and loved every ad!

So I'm happy to share this ad with everyone. I'm sure it won't be the last Heat Wave ad you'll ever see, but to me, it'll always be one that's special.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Web Updates Breaks RHD Record!

Our RHD statistician Luann Williams recently reported that our great clients at RHD helped us break the web updates record for the most # of updates ever in the 11 year history of RHD!

In August, our clients sent in 384 web updates! This isn't suprising, since there are so many sales and events coming up, plus lots of our clients added new winner pictures from summer shows.

This figure averages about to 20 updates sent in per day. For the month, our average turnaround time on web updates was a little under 5 hours. So roughly, if you sent in your update in the morning, it was done that very same afternoon.

As our clients know, we make updating our #1 priority. We have 3 team members dedicated to making updates, so that each client is a priority and your updates are done in a very timely manner.

Our top updater for the month of August was Top Cut Genetics.