Monday, October 31, 2011

Sire Promotion Packages

Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about sire promotion for 2012? Well, if it makes it seem any more real, we've already started on the promotions for two bulls headed to Denver. So it's definitely time.

As always we are offering a total package deal for sire promotions. We have offered this service for the past 6 years and it just makes the whole sire promotion project easy when working with one place to handle everything. And, in the spirit of competition, we think you will be very pleased with our pricing this year! We have worked hard to find top quality new vendors and 'beef up' our services so to speak to provide the most comprehensive sire promotion package we can offer. And, the pricing is actually LOWER than last year's pricing!

So, we can't divulge all the details, but if you have a bull to promote, you'll definitely want to give us a call!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Old Favorites

Today at RHD we were doing a mass office clean out and decided that since our file cabinets were stuffed to the max (which is a great problem to have) that we should go through and clean out our old projects that were done more than 5 years ago and had a low likelihood of people needing to re-order.

But, I'm a big softie, and there were just a few projects that I couldn't bear myself to throw away. It seems like just yesterday I designed these and anxiously awaited for them to come out in magazines! It also amazed me at how far we've come in our design capability since then. When these ads came out, if you remember, these were far and away the BEST ads in any magazine. They stood out, they were different, and they got people talking. But by today's standards, while the design components are still excellent, we can do SO much more in terms of graphics.

These are a few ads that really were special to me  because they were some of the first ads I did and always give me a smile when I think about where we started, and how far we've come! Hope you enjoy!

"The Old Lady Bingo Ad"

Anyone remember this one? When this ad came out, people were completely taken in shock! This was before people really knew about stock photo services and everyone kept asking who this lady was! We started lots of was my grandmother, Matt's grandmother, Tyler Melroe's girlfriend....etc. It was a lot of fun and was one of the most talked about ads at that time.

"The Sweaty Tattoo Guy"
This is another one that appeared in the State Fair publications and this one was part of a 3 page foldout for Richey Brothers. This was the page that you first saw before you folded it out. We got in trouble over this oen! Not from Shane, but lots of people complained that it was too "edgy" for a youth publication because the guy was scary and had a tattoo. Even today, that sweat dripping off his face is sick.

"Third Place Ribbon"

This ad appeared in the Pacific Showcase and was a perfect ad for this young client who wasn't lacking in self confidence. It was simple and direct and lots of people loved this one. The only thing, unfortunately, one of his best steers got 3rd place at the California State Fair that year. Karma? Oops.

"The Road Sign"

This was our first ad to design for a show cattle client, and probably the ad that started it all. Looking at it now, you wouldn't think this ad was anything fantastic. Nice yes, but not something that would inspire you or change the way that every other livestock ad designer did ads. But this one did! This ad was the beginning of creating ads with large visual images OTHER THAN CATTLE. This is your classic Ogilvy design format, with the headline, text, photos, and call to action...but up until that point that design strategy had never really been adapted to the club calf arena. This ad was on the back cover of several major club calf magazines and it was described as so "Different" and "Cool" at that time.

"The Crazy Eye"

How many times have you seen this crazy green eye spring up in a club calf or show pig publication in the past 5 years. Well, here was the first time it was used and the design that inspired others. This was another part of the Richey's ad campaign that was so "edgy" for the time. Believe it or not, some people during this time (remember it was the early 2000s) thought this ad was too scary too! Ha!

"Bleedin Purple"

Bleedin' Purple is one of my most treasured ads because Bleedin' Purple was the first sire I ever represented at RHD and was the first sire ad and bull banner I ever designed. This whole project came about during the Arizona National Livestock Show while Matt and Phil were relaxin at Phoenix and needed a bull banner designed for Denver just a few weeks away. I FAXED the design proof to their hotel in Phoenix. Again, by todays standards, it isn't too fancy. But at that time, this banner and ad was all the rage. Notice the purple shavings in the bottom corner of the ad. That was because Matt had the bulls shavings at Denver died purple. Pretty commonplace now, but again, at that time, it was new and something that had never been done. I also loved this picture, I thought it was one of Dave Sinclair's best bull photos.

I hope you enjoyed these flashbacks as much as I did. Even though they are nearly 10 years old, they are definitely projects I am proud of today and help remind me of the many wonderful clients and bulls we have worked with in our rich history here at RHD.

Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pinterest Quotes

Here's a few more of our recent favorite quotes that we'll post for your pinning pleasure :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New RHD Site: Crestview Commodites

Founded in 1942, Crestview Farms has been a grain operation since the beginning. They strive to take good care of their own land and the ground that their landlords have trusted us with for many years. They grow mostly corn, soybeans and wheat, and also grow hay for their cattle operation.

Crestview Commodities would like to help your farming operation by assisting you with your grain marketing. Whether you have 500 bushels or 500,000 bushels, Crestview Commodities will help you find the best deal available for your Corn and Soybeans.

They take pride in their daily work of providing food for the world, not only through their grain farm, but also our livestock operations. Farming is a challenge, but it’s something they enjoy each day. It’s a way of life they all appreciate and wouldn’t trade for anything. If you are a landowner, Crestview Farms welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about taking care of your land in the future.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New RHD Site: Ratcliff Ranches

Ratcliff Ranches is a commercial and registered Angus and SimAngus seedstock producer and cow/calf operation. The Ranch, headquartered in Vinita, Okla., is always growing and changing its interests to fit today’s cattle market and consumer needs. With its 25,000 owned acres and an additional 10,000 leased acres, the ranch currently runs over 5,000 cows. The Ranch is comprised of five ranches located in NE Oklahoma and one ranch in SE Kansas.

Owned by the J.L. Ratcliff Family, the Ranch is committed to improving their genetics and utilizing cutting-edge tools, like the Pfizer 50K Genomic test as another opportunity to capitalize on an already solid genetic program.

Their goal is to provide ourselves, as well as beef customers, more pounds of beef with fewer head of cattle, which can only be achieved by selective genetics and disciplined breeding strategies.

Every rancher has a set of genetics, the difference between Ratcliff Ranches and the average rancher, is their genetic base and the determination they have to build the ideal genetic make-up of an animal.

In addition, they also have a commitment to animal health and humane handling practices. All of their cattle are on a strict Pfizer health protocol. Most are processed using the Blackwell facility, which is designed by Temple Grandin, who is well known for her efforts and expertise in humane animal handling practices.

Ratcliff Ranches encourage you to visit them anytime you are in the area. Their door is always open!

Monday, October 10, 2011


By now, basically everyone at RHD has become addicted to Pinterest, thanks to a recommendation from Brandi Bourg. What is Pinterest? It's a virtual pinboard where you can share recipes, DIY tips, interior design, crafts, fashion, photography, quotes, wedding ideas, home improvement ideas, books, and more. It's a brand new addiction for all of us ladies on the internet!

You can "pin" and "re-pin" things from others on Pinterest, and it's a great way to collect ideas of things you like, and things you WISH you had time to do ha ha.

One of the things we really like about Pinterest is all of the inspiring quotes. So, we decided since we have the capability of creating graphics, we are going to waste more time contribute to the Pinterest community by creating graphic versions of a few of our quotes so our friends and followers can re-pin. Here are two of our favorites....first, the Code of the West, which are part of our guiding principles of how we do things here at RHD.

And our second one, in honor of Dr. Brandi Bourg, since she's the one who got us all started on this. We thought this one was a good one for her. This quote is also hanging in the house of my good friend Salina Locke (who's a nurse) and who's husband is a rancher. If I can find one for my house I'm getting one too! :)

So enjoy, and watch for more, and start pinning away.

P.S., If you're not on Pinterest, and want an invite to join, email or and we'll send you an invitation from our account.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Web Turnaround Time for September

It probably seems like us posting these numbers get old....since every month after month after month it's always so fast. But we still like keeping our current clients, and also potential future clients, informed about our service time.

For the month of September, we did 409 web site updates. These were done in an average time of 1 hour and 20 minutes from when the client sent it in to us!

All of our web sites come standard with unlimited updates of text and photos, because we believe it is extremely important to keep your web site current...even if it's just a little text update. So keep sending the updates in, and we'll keep punching em out....quickly and accurately -- it's what we do best!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What makes a great livestock ad?

Ever wonder what makes a great livestock ad? Since 1999, we've designed some of the cattle business's most memorable and well known livestock ad campaigns for the various clients we have the honor to work with. Rachel Cutrer shares the RHD philosophy on the four most important components of making a great livestock ad!

Thanks to Ideal Video Productions for working with us on this project!

Georgia National Fair

Lots of the RHD team will be out and about this week and next at different shows, sales, and events.

We are really excited to be represented at the Georgia National Fair by our RHD Rep Reba Hicks. Reba Hicks represents Alabama and the southeastern U.S. She attends Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and is a senior majoring in Animal Sciences.

More than likely, Reba will be around the Chi cattle, since she is a past member of the Jr. Chi board and was their national queen.

You can't miss Reba since she's always wearing a big smile, has a friendly word for everyone, and is unmistakeable with that red hair!

So look for Reba and feel free to talk with her about any of the projects going on at RHD and how we can help you. We're always booking new web sites, with pricing starting at $400. She can also tell you about some specials to help you save money on your print advertising campaigns by using RHD for all of your print+web services.

We'll also be "un-officially" represented at the Georgia National by dear old dad, Jim Williams, who'll be there judging. And we can always count on him to give a good word for RHD.

Also this week, Joelynn will be at the State Fair of Texas, so watch for her. Though you'll have to look for her in disguise, since she'll probably be behind the camera.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New RHD Site: Burns Farm

For more than 50 years, Burns Farm has been producing registered horned Hereford that excel in both phenotypic and genotypic qualities. Their goal is to produce cattle that make a profit for them and for their customers. All of the cattle have complete performance and carcass data.

Raising and marketing of beef cattle has been a part of the family heritage for decades. The site in Pikeville, TN was settled by Randel and Helen Burns in 1947. Their registered Hereford cow herd started with the initial investment in two Hereford heifers purchased at the Duck River Hereford Association sale in 1953 as a 4-H project for Phillip. Later, Hereford females were purchased for Joe. The brothers worked together for decades to cultivate and develop reliable, efficient, and easily manageable cattle that will work in virtually any beef cattle operation. Phillip and Joe are both recognized cattlemen, proudly serving in multiple cattle associations over time. In addition to many other appointments, Phillip served as the president of the American Hereford Association and Joe has served on the board of directors for the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association and the Bredley/Bledsoe Farmers Coop. Joe is currently an Animal Health Inspector for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Phillip’s children (Joe, David, and Sarah) and Joe’s sons (Walter and Sam) were blessed to grow up with exposure and involvement in the cattle industry and specifically, Herefords. David currently serves as manager for the business. Burns Farms historically ran all sales by private treaty. In 2009, they held their first annual bull sale and in 2011 began their female production sales. Extensive individual records have always been kept for the cow herd, both registered and commercial, with rigid culling for predictable performance. There is focus on use of genetic and estimated progeny difference information, phenotypic evaluation, and optimal nutrition to promote growth and development of high quality bulls and cows. Burns Farm is proud to offer ready-to-work Hereford bulls, as well as excellent females, both Hereford and black baldies. Thank you for coming to the site, please contact them with any questions or interest.

Book your Louisville stall signs TODAY!

The North American International Livestock Expo is just around the corner. With that said, if you haven't booked your stall sign designs yet, now is the time. We will be taking new banner, sign, pedigree and end panel projects until October 10th.

Here are some samples of our sign and banner work!

Fischer Cattle Company End Panel

Purple Reign Pedigree Signs 

Reimann Ranches, 4x8 Denver Bull Display Banner
The American Shorthorn Association,  4x8 Banner

Email tricia@ranchhousedesigns or today to book you NAILE signage! To view more samples of our work visit the Stock Show Signs web site

Bookin' Blogs!

Ranch House Designs does so much more than just your every day website or print ad. We also pride our designers in helping businesses generate interest through their blogs! With numerous headers already created by our talented team, we would love to help boost the look of your blog!

Here is a new blog client of ours. Little House on the Horizon is blog all about young people trying to build their lives through ranching. It's really a neat blog that I suggest everyone check out!

Blogging is a simple way to connect with those around you, while still keeping a level of personal style. We love being able to help design new customer's pages - not just because designing is what we do, but because it is so interesting to learn what our clients are doing in their lives!

To book your blog header or page design, email

Monday, October 3, 2011

New RHD Site: Whitestone Farm

A world-class breeder of Registered Performance Angus Cattle, Whitestone Farm has been an industry leader for 30 years. Their premium genetics have been sold across the nation and in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Whitestone Farm actively inventories 1,200 head of registered Angus and is comprised of some 2,200 acres of leased and owned land. Located just outside the village of historic Aldie, Virginia, the farm implements a fine-tuned breeding program which continues to perform year after year.

Whitestone's philosophy is simple: to raise quality Angus breeding genetics that will work in all segments of the beef cattle industry. Although Whitestone embraces and accepts new technology to enhance their Angus breed, their farm still uses the same tried and true practices that they have for 30 years. The result is superior Angus, bred with a personal touch.

Their Brand of Quality and their commitment to customer service has enabled them to retain loyal customers and friends for decades, as well as secure new customers each year. Over the years Whitestone has sold hundreds of bulls to commercial and purebred breeders throughout the United States and Canada. They have also sold and/or leased numerous bulls to major AI stud companies worldwide. Whitestone's vast customer base is built on trust and the confidence that Whitestone genetics are a sound investment.

At Whitestone, Bulls Are Their Business. They welcome your visit, and look forward to exceeding your expectations