Monday, August 8, 2011

The RHD Team

I'd like to take a moment to brag on our wonderful team here at RHD! I thought it would be nice to put more faces with our names, so you know who you're working with here at RHD.

I (Rachel, blonde in this picture) am the sole owner and founder of RHD, and have been since 1999. Our design division includes me, Stacey, and Liz. Stacey is pictured on the left. She's has two sons, is originally from Louisiana, and is also a great photographer. Liz started here as a student worker in 2008 and handles most of our catalog projects and is the editor of The Brahman Review. She recently got engaged and is getting married in 2012. We do all of the original designs on every project - both print and web. Every new project is going to come through one of us....or possibly Christa. 

Christa is wearing the red necklace in this picture. She joined RHD in 2008 as a member of our updates team. She then moved up to web division manager, and in the past few months, she has also started working on design projects too. Christa has a 1-year old daughter, Kinleigh, and her husband Jason is an ag teacher. She has a B.S. in animal science from Texas A&M.

The other members of our web division are Carole and Jessica. Carole is the red head. She has two beautiful daughters and married her high school sweetheart, Tim. Carole is a great cook, and is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Jessica, the blondest of everyone in our office, just took on a full time job here too, after working here for 4 years. She loves to shop, makes everyone laugh, and continually brightens our days with her crazy stories and cute outfits.

Then we also have 2 project managers, Tricia and Joelynn. Tricia is pictured here, with the turquoise necklace. She and her husband Lance have 4 children. Tricia is quite possibly the coolest person I know. She has a B.S. in ag journalism from A&M, and she loves anything and everything Aggie. She also writes for our local newspaper. She loves running, and has done several races and half-marathons. Most everyone who works with us is going to be in contact with Tricia in some way or another since most all new projects go through her. She (and Rachel) also give all of our project quotes and estimates.  

Our newest staff member is Joelynn Donough. Joelynn is a Pennsylvania native who grew up showing Shorthorns, Maines and sheep. She graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in ag communications too. She is a great writer and a great photographer! If you have noticed, she's been posting quite a few blogs lately. She was a member of the A&M livestock judging team and is ready for the fall where she's judging several shows and showmanships here in Texas.  

Then finally, we also have Stacey Forgason, who technically 'retired' from RHD in May, but still helps us on several freelance projects. She is a great contact for invitations and projects with The Brahman Review. Many of you still e-mail her for advice on invitations or about Brahman Review subscriptions, and even though she's not in our office, she always still helps everyone out, or forwards your emails to the appropriate person. :)

And, don't forget, we also have a STELLAR set of talented folks throughout the nation who represent us as RHD reps. This team is able to give information and pricing on all of our services.

Now that you've met our team here at RHD, I ask that you take a minute and look through your contacts for us. If you have any other people listed as a contact for RHD other than the ones listed here, please remove them from your address books.  If you have recently received a quote from someone you now realize is not part of our RHD team, please let us know so we can make sure you have accurate pricing from one of our representatives.

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