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More Junior Nationals Highlights: A memorable All American

You may remember that a few weeks ago, we posted a blog on two of our clients that had great success at their junior nationals this summer. Well, I was talking about the features with one of my friends from college. He said, “what is the point in the junior associations?” I immediately reacted with hostility, narrowed eyes, and fast talking. But I think all I really should have done was let him read this post. Unlike my last blog on the winning juniors, I let the exhibitors tell their story. Because, really, no one knows the story like they do.

Both are from the All American Brahman Show. Our first young lady purchased her heifer from V8 Ranch. Our second purchased her champions from, once again, V8 as well as Heritage Cattle Company.

Kelli Lucas. Champion Grey Brahman Female 2011 ‘All American’
“I am the fifteen year old daughter of Reggie and Carmie Lucas. We live in Deville, LA and I will be a sophomore at Buckeye High School this year. I am a straight- A student and a member of the National Beta Club. I attended my first livestock show when I was 2 weeks old to cheer on my brother and sister while they were showing catle. Obviously, I’ve been around cattle all of my life. I’ve shown Beefmaster cattle and marker steers since I was 9 and Brahmans since I was 11. Recently, I started showing market lambs. My life revolves around my animals and I love every minute of it! When I get older, I would like to attend LSU to become a Pediatrician or Oncologist
I got my heifer from V8 Ranch in Boling, Texas. Her sire is JDH Avery Manso 159/7 and her dam is Miss V8491/6. She was born on March 28, 2009, so that makes her a little over 2 years old. Her name is Miss V8 174/7, but we call her Birdie.

I love the cattle at V8 Ranch, but I love the people even more! They are always so welcoming. Mr. Jim knows his cattle and can answer any questions we have in the drop of a hat. Most importantly, he tells the truth about them. I want people to be honest with me, and Mr. Jim is. This is why I love him! I plan on continuing to go to V8 to buy cattle to build up quality in me herd of Brahmans. With this said, their cattle are obviously great!

Amie Ferguson. Champion Showman, Champion Grey Brahman Bull, and Champion Red Brahman Female 2011 ‘All American’

“I am the 17 year old daughter of Robert and Malinda Ferguson of Roanoke, Louisiana. I am going to be a senior at Notre Dame Catholic High School, which is located in Crowley, Louisiana. I not only show Brahman cattle, but I also rodeo. My events include barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, and cutting. I have repeatedly qualified on the state level in these events, beginning with my 8th grade year. Last year, 2010, I qualified in Girls Cutting for National High School Rodeo Finals, which was held in Gillette, Wyoming.
I always loved cattle and couldn’t wait until I could be of age to show. One of my first shows was the open show at Houston. I showed at the early age of 5. We entered our own cow/calf pair and ended up winning a class. I was so excited about that show. I remember hauling the trophy up and down the aisles of the barn with a big smile. I couldn’t wait to show in the junior shows, so I entered every pee wee showmanship around. I also entered open shows whenever possible. We met a lot of people at these shows. One day, my dad visited with Mr. Judd Cullers of Heritage Cattle Company. He mentioned to Mr. Judd that I wanted a red Brahman heifer. Mr. Judd mentioned that he had some, so we planned a trip to Hungerford, Texas to visit his ranch. We ended up buying Lady H Armi 836. This cow became a part of me. Mr. Judd stressed the importance of working daily with my heifer and that is exactly what I did. Every day, I practiced showing and setting Armi and all of a sudden, I started doing better in showmanship. Then finally at my state LJBA show, Armi and I did it. We won showmanship. Not only was I excited, but so were Mr Judd and the entire Cullers family. I had many more trips to get great calves that came from Heritage Cattle Company. On one of my trips, I spotted this awesome looking red heifer, which to this day, still amazes me. I am referring to Lady H Elizabeth Rojo 50/9, aka “Lizzie”. Lizzie has won many division championships, including Houston, but the biggest win for me with her is the 2011 All American Red Heifer Champion. I am very grateful that the Cullers family was there to share that great moment with me.

Another ranch that we visited for my show calves is V8 Ranch in Boling, Texas. The Williams family has a tremendous amount of respect in the Brahman business. Dad was interested in buying a gray bull, so we decided to go to V8 Ranch to look. I never was a fan of showing bulls, so dad knew I would be very selective on one. We spotted Mr.V8 918/6, also known as “Blue”. I loved him. I started realizing at home while I worked with him that he may be showmanship material. I decided at my 2010 district show to try him in showmanship. Mom was not sure about my decision, because he was a bull. When I made my first round into the showring, he started to act up, but I was able to control him. We ended up winning showmanship, which also awarded a scholarship. We also won the gray bull show and went on to win the state supreme championship. Although these wins were big for me, my dream was to win the “All American” showmanship, and in 2011 at Fort Smith, Arkansas, my dream came true. I remember, as I was grooming Blue’s tail, how nice it would be to win. And sure enough, we did. Mr. Jim Williams described me and Blue as being picture perfect.
As I mentioned earlier, my dream was to win showmanship at the All American. After I won the Red Heifer and Gray bull show, I was speechless. What a show!! Truly this All American is one that I will remember always. Great thanks go to the Cullers family of Heritage Cattle Company and the Williams family of V8 Ranch. Without these great breeders, I would not have had such a memorable show.”

As you can see from the two ladies we have featured, junior associations play an intricate role in developing young leaders, creating friendly connections between exhibitors, making dreams reality and truly molding the future of our industry. To my friend who made the comment stated at the beginning of this post, THAT is the point.

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