Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You're getting hotter!

I may not be originally from the state of Texas, but I have lived here long enough to understand and respect the effects of a drought. The past three summers, I have watched cattle turn a green field into dust in order to survive and prosper. I have toughened to the heat and have educated myself on what is happening this summer as the drought turns into one of the worst in history. However, I am still a Yankee... and today was downright scary.

As the sun marked noon, Rachel came into our office asking if I had my camera with me. She said a grass fire started on one her family's lease properties, and it might be something neat to picture. We arrived to something I had never seen before; a grass fire engulfing a row of trees on their fence line. No, this was nothing compared to what others have experienced in the western part of this state and beyond, but I'm from Pennsylvania. We don't have grass fires. In fact I don't even think there is a burn ban going on up there. Rachel made the point that there was really nothing for us to do but watch as the little grass that was left in the neighboring pasture went black in a matter of minutes. How powerless? These pictures show how the crew at V8 fought the flames and fought for the livelihood of their precious pasture. Even as I was shooting, more and more trees went up in flames and more grass smoldered.

The crew was able to control and extinguish the flames with the help of a few fire departments. We are so thankful that no more damage was done, but this truly makes me have even more respect for Mother Nature and the effects of dry and hot. If you are not living in a draught stricken state, you are lucky. For those of us in Texas, it looks like we are just getting hotter!

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