Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LIVE! From the 'BCSC'

Howdy! From College Station, Texas; home of the 12th man, the Chicken and the Beef Cattle Short Course. This year marked the 57th annual ‘BCSC’ and let me tell you, it has been better than ever.
In a nut shell, the BCSC is a three day cattlemen’s paradise with sessions catering to anything imaginable pertaining to the industry, a trade show stocked with the latest and greatest ‘new’ things for beef cattle, and some amazing food.
While walking through the trade show, I was extremely excited to see some RHD design work! Our clients like R.A. Brown, Broken Triangle, Texas Red Angus Association, and the ABBA had informational booths on display amongst the over 150 vendors. It was also great to run into several of our clients who were attending the conference. Two of our clients - Donnell Brown and Bob Hudgins were speakers. We also work with Dr. Ron Gill on his web sites and it was great to see him.

I really enjoyed Bob Hudgins speech on the utilizing the global marketplace. On a side note, I’ve always been a bit of a traveler… but after listening to Mr. Hudgins session, I realized I need to do a whole lot more with my life and travel much further away from home than just California.
However, my favorite part of the BCSC thus far has to be listening to the famous Dr. Temple Grandin speak about animal handling. If anyone hasn’t seen her HBO documentary, I strongly suggest renting it, just to see the amazing feats this woman has accomplished. The movie depicts Temple to a ‘t’… even her attitude. After telling a photographer on multiple occasions to stop picturing since it distracted her (no, it was NOT me!!!), she made the whole house laugh and left us speechless as she finished with a standing ovation.
Tomorrow marks the final day of the 57th annual BCSC. With that said, I can almost collect my notes and thoughts and start working on stories for the upcoming Brahman Review. I do know for sure that readers can expect a change of pace and mindset for a few of these stories… but I also can promise the same entertainment and level of ‘yankee’ as always before J

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