Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Restaurant Work

We've recently become a huge fan of Scheller's Cafe in Glen Flora, Texas. Unless you're from this area, you've probably never even heard of this little gem of a town...population 210. MAYBE.

Well in this great little town you'll find a post office, our youth fairgrounds, a few antique stores, and a great restaurant called Scheller's Cafe. This restaurant is one that I'd match right up there with any restaurant in Texas. It's got a great atmosphere, great food, and hand-dipped Blue Bell. The menu is what you would consider white table cloth, but it's so casual that you can go in your boots, pants with cow-poop on them, and you get treated like you're a "normal" person. ha ha

On some of our recent visits with the owner, we got the opportunity to design some new restaurant information cards / coasters for the cafe. Since they are a small cafe, they had been doing most of their graphic design work at home with Microsoft Word, a home printer, and a pair of scissors. On our visit to treat Megan to her special lunch, we hand delivered the new cards.

See if you can guess which one we designed?

Of course, there's nothing wrong at all with DIY advertising materials. However I think most people would be suprised to find out that getting us to do custom graphic creations and printing like this is much more affordable that you realize. Do you have a project that could use the RHD touch? Let us give you a bid!

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