Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kentucky GRILLED Chicken Logo

A couple of days ago, the Brahman breed lost one of our best friends when Mr. Jeff Smith of Louisiana passed away. My huband Brandon worked for Smith Brahmans for four summers, and so of course, he has been extremely sad. On Monday, I decided to actually leave my office and go home for lunch, just to hand out with him and try to cheer him up. So, since I was coming from "town" aka Wharton, population 12,000, I decided I'd bring some food home for us for lunch.

Brandon was in a sad mood, and wouldn't commit on what type of food he wanted, so I tried to think of the best "comfort food" I could think of....and KFC chicken popped in my head. I was thinking, you know, he's a southern boy, he probably would really love some biscuits. So KFC it was.

After I got home, we were sitting there eating the lunch, Brandon was kind of mopey as to be expected. Then all of a sudden, he looked up from the box, and said "What is KGC?"

I looked down at the box, and realized that yes, instead of normally saying KFC on the box, it now says KGC. I had to think for a minute, then I realized it was Kentucky GRILLED Chicken, not FRIED.

Now I'll admit, I have no idea when this corporate re-branding took place. Honestly, I'm not a big chicken eater. I prefer BEEF! :)  I probably haven't ate at KFC in like....YEARS. After doing some research, I found out that the re-branding took place about a year ago, so if you're a big chicken eater, you probably think this is old news.  If you follow corporate advertising like me, you might remember that KFC officially adopted "KFC" as it's name in the early 1990s as a way to take the focus off the word "fried" in the name, because of the image of health concerns of eating fried foods. Recently, in the late 2000s, they went back to using the whole name, Kentucky Fried Chicken, when it went through another corporate re-branding.

Anyway, this new logo of the KGC started me thinking about the importance of logos, brand identity, etc. If you think about it recently there have been a lot of companies that have recently "freshened up" their logos. UPS recently did one, Holiday Inn has updated theirs, several other motels have done a few minor edits to their logo, etc.

This reminded me of one of the basic principles of corporate identity -- a LOGO. If you've had a logo you've used for years, maybe it's time to freshen it up just a bit. Keep the core identity but maybe update with some newer fonts or color variations. Or, if you don't have a logo, consider getting one. Once you have a logo, use it everywhere. Put it on your caps, embroider it on your jackets, use it on your business cards, your advertising, your signage, everywhere!
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