Friday, November 26, 2010


This time of year makes everyone at RHD especially mindful of all of the blessings we have to be thankful for! Just a few things that top our list of things we are appreciative of....

  • We have a great team of people here at RHD. Every day is a joy to be at our office and be around so many wonderful ladies. Yes, we've got 8 ladies here and everyone gets along, laughs, jokes, supports each other, and treats each other with respect and kindness. We love getting any chance to see the adorable Kinleigh Jo Guidry, the Forgason girls, the Potts kids, Stacey Shanks' two little wild men, and Carole's little Laney.  It makes it a wonderful place to spend 8 hours a day (and sometimes more lol).
  • We are thankful for our clients. Each year we work with roughly 1,000 different clients. You are what make our jobs enjoyable. We love hearing the stories about your businesses, talking and emailing with you, and being a part of your business success. We look forward to every time a client calls just to catch up on their news. Many of our clients have been with us since the very beginning, and we truly appreciate the customer loyalty here at RHD and the mix of fascinating people we get to work with.
  • We got a new office this year, which makes our days here even better. So far we've been finding lots of reasons to have "parties" here at lunch...birthdays, babies, random stuff. We were blessed when this office came available and God put it in our path.
  • We're thankful for the work our clients give us. Despite the very tough economy, God's blessed us with our best year to date at RHD. This November we've posted 18 new web sites, that's nearly 1 new site going up per day, and that's the most # of new web sites going up in one month in the 11-year history of RHD. Every day we are busy with lots of different projects, different things going on, and while many are wishing for work, we are so thankful to have an ongoing list of things to do that keep us busy.
Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is the best yet!

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