Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heading to Denver!

As I'm writing this blog, in just a few hours I'll be boarding on a plan and headed up to the mile high city for a quick trip to Denver and the beginning of our whirlwind 6 weeks of travel for RHD while we go to Denver, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, etc etc etc. 

I am absolutely ecstatic to get ready to go to Denver this year, for a couple of reasons! First, I'll be helping my good friend Jeff Schroeder at by doing Denver bull interviews again this year. I've been practicing up on my skills by watching Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America for the whole year, and hopefully will not be doing a silly laugh like I did last year as my mom so kindly pointed out. I can't wait to see all the bulls and talk to all the owners. I'm hoping this year I can actually manage to get an interview with Matt Lautner to hear about his new bull, since last year he turned me down!

Next, I can't wait to get to the big city and go to all those good restaurants, since I'm pretty much sick of my daily McDonalds and choices of food at Wharton, Texas. Since my birthday is just around the corner, I'm going to celebrate one night in Denver,and I've got it narrowed down to a few of my favorites.

Another thing I'm really excited about is seeing the Stock Show issue of The ShowTimes Magazine. Brian Reid has done a wonderful job with this new publication and it is always fun to read his articles and junior spotlights. I have an article in that issue coming out in Denver....actually it's a compilation of several mini-interviews, so I didn't do that much actual writing myself. But make sure to check that out.

And finally, of course, I can't wait to see all my friends and all the amazing cattle that will be at the National Western!!! I'm still a little miffed that my stock show buddy Ashley Hueber is going to be absent at Denver this year, but I guess I'll have to manage. I'll only be there for a few days, but I can hardly wait for that cold crisp air and a great couple of days in Denver.

So we'll be looking for all our friends, and be looking for me and Emily! We'd love to talk to you about a new project like a new web site or a print ad for this spring.

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