Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Denver Hereford Show

While I was in Denver, it was a little odd for me because I was there early for the bull displays, and didn't really have a "home base" to camp out at -- usually the V8 Shorthorns stalls.

So, on Friday, I spent my free time at the showring watching the Denver Hereford Show. Every time I watch the Herefords at Denver I get this itching to buy a Hereford. They are just so beautiful. I have these favorite ranches that I love to watch.....Barber Ranch, Breedings, Hoffman Ranch, Colyers, Lowdermans, and Purple Reign. And recently, due to the addition of Robbie Duis on their staff, I've been keeping an eye on Star Lake. Even though I don't really do the advertising for any of these (except Purple Reign web site), I just have a huge amount of respect for these operations. Maybe it's their track record of success, but I also think it's because many of these ranches are being run by the next generation, with folks like Brett Barber, Chad Breeding, Jason Hoffman, Kyle Colyer, Cody Lowderman, Randy & Jamie Mullinix, and it's so exciting to see young people be so successful in the ranching business. Of course, I also love watching a Hereford show where I can see the MSU Purebred Beef Unit. Ken Guens and Cody Sankey and their team of young Spartans are great.
But, of all of the Hereford ranches I cheer for....my FAVORITE is GKB Herefords, owned by my mentors, Gary and Kathy Buchholz of Texas. This year though, I wasn't cheering for them in the ring, because they were judging the show!!!
Now the Williams and the Buchholz families have a big connection at Denver. My parents took me to my first National Western in 1989, to show my Shorthorn heifer, BBS Queen Elizabeth B840. For you old school Shorthorn people, you know what BBS stands for. For the newer folks, it means Buchholz Brothers Shorthorns. I purchased this beautiful solid red, white stocking footed Shorthorn from Mr. and Mrs. Buchholz and that was the beginning of a great friendship between our families that has lasted for over 20 years. That year at Denver, I was a wide-eyed 10 year old taking my first steps into the famous Denver showring, and following behind me in the makeup ring were my family, and Gary & Kathy Buchholz.
When the judge made his selection that day, you guessed it, the Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer of the 1989 Denver Junior Show was none other than dear ol' Queen Elizabeth!!!! We were all so happy, and that is a day that my family will always treasure.
As a little girl who grew up on a Brahman ranch, I knew nothing about Shorthorns, or haired cattle for that matter. Mr. Buchholz taught me how to blow-dry cattle. I went and spent a week with them at their farm in Bardwell when I was a little older to learn more show barn skills. And, Mrs. Buchholz was one of the first people who inspired my creativity, which has led me to starting RHD. When I was just a youngster, the Buchholzs always took a tri-fold felt board display booth to set up at their stalls. I'll always remember the time when Kathy asked me to help her set up the booth. I was about 12 years old at the time, and I had just learned how to do "Bubble Writing" to pass notes in Jr. High. You know the kind of doodling, puffy letters. I asked Mrs. B if I could label the pictures to go on her booth, and looking back now I can't believe she would agree to this, but she actually let me write the animal's names in BUBBLE LETTERS to be on their display.
So, anyway, I could go on and on about ways that the Buchholz's have helped me throughout my life. This year, these two leaders in the beef industry were the judges of the Denver Hereford Show. I sat and enjoyed watching them work together during the bull show and I just felt a huge sense of pride to be able to watch them on that big day, which I'm sure no doubt is a highlight of both of their legendary judging careers.
And as they talked their champion drive, I thought back to 1989, the day where these two great people were there to cheer me on for my first Denver experience. What an honor for me, 21 years later, to be in the stands on THEIR big day, and cheer them on, as they've done for me so many times!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of the history of you and Shorthorns but I do think you need several Herefords! Kj