Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knox Club Calves

The RHD web division has been cranking out the new web sites, and we are so happy to introduce our latest creation - Knox Club Calves of Tarzan, Texas. Knox Club Calves produces top quality Hereford, Polled Hereford and crossbred steers. The crossbreds are Charolais Crosses and Black Crosses, bloodlines from Kris Black of Crawford, Oklahoma.

Pictured here is their 2009 Reserve Champion Hereford Steer at Houston, raised by Knox Club Calves and shown by Shannon O'Leary.

The Knox Family has a tremendous history of success in the Hereford cattle business, dating back to the 1940s. Formerly known as Knox Herefords, the Knox family has produced winners at all Texas major stock shows, as well as state and county shows, for over 33 years.

Knox Club Calves holds a silent auction every March to market their fall show steers. This year's sale will be held March 27, 2010.

Owner Tee Knox, showed steers while growing up in the 1940's. He exhibited the 1944 Reserve Grand Champion Steer (dry lot) at the Sand Hills Hereford Show with a ranch-raised steer from his grandmother. Tee's daughter, Kathy (now Kathy Buchholz of GKB Cattle), also showed steers and exhibited the 1974 Reserve Grand Champion Steer with a steer raised on the Knox Ranch.

The tradition continues and Knox Club Calves have produced many breed champions and reserve breed champions at Fort Worth, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, and many county shows, right up through the 2009 show season.

Personally, I was able to meet Tee Knox many many summers ago when our family stopped over at their ranch as a lay-over on our way to the Texas Jr. Shorthorn Association Preview Show in Amarillo. This was the furthest part of west Texas we'd ever been too, and was a real eye-opener for us. Another fun fact about the Knox Family is that some of their top showmen in the 1990s were Katie Jo and Samatha Yates, some fellow west Texans.  Katie is married to Rusy Day and they operate Day Show Cattle. Samantha is an excellent photographer based out of the Lubbock area. Her e-mail is and she does great work!

I invite you to check out and if you are looking for some really nice Herefords, mark your calendars for their sale on March 27, 2010.

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