Monday, January 4, 2010

Friend of the Month

Each month we have been offering a "blog special" to our loyal blog readers and facebook friends....and it's been a huge hit! So now we are offering another online-only incentive...our "Friend of the Month".

And how do you become our "FRIEND OF THE MONTH"....well it's easy, just interact with us online through the blog or our RHD Facebook page. At the end of each month, we'll figure up the person who as made the most number of comments on our blog, or written/commented the most on our Facebook wall.

The RHD Friend of the Month will get their choice of any available RHD merchandise...for 10% off any project at RHD. We always have lots of selection of caps and koozies at RHD and you'll get to take your pick of what we have available at the time.

So get your keyboard ready....we'll be doing this each month.

If you aren't already a fan on Facebook, add us here.....


  1. And you have great hats!

  2. I haven't seen your caps or koozies! Kj