Friday, January 8, 2010

Planning for February

For most people in the livestock business, the months of January through March are a whirlwind of shows, sales, and industry conventions. For us at RHD, we'll be travelling nonstop through these months attending Denver, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, NCBA, TSCRA, Houston and more!

With that in mind, it's never too early to start planning on your ads for this spring. Actually, it's almost a requirement to start planning early. For example, camera ready ads for the February Showbox are due on January 18, which happens to be the same time that loyal cattle people will be in Denver for the club calf display and open shows, and some of us will also be in Fort Worth for the opening week of that show.

Same with the deadline for the Seedstock Edge, where camera ready ads are due that same day, January 18th. Most of us will be in Denver.

So what that means is we have to get them done before we go to Denver and Fort Worth! We've already started working on most all of our ads going in these magazines, or have them done already. But if you're a procrastinator like me, it's time to get your ad materials sent in, so you can mark that item off your to-do list and enjoy your time in Denver and Ft. Worth!

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