Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winners Don't Whine, They Hustle

As I returned home from the Fort Worth Stock Show today, I was delighted to see a copy of the new book called "Winners Don't Whine, They Hustle" in my mailbox. This is a new book written by a personal friend of mine, Dr. Chris Boleman. It is so exciting to me that one of my good lifelong friends and I both published books at the same time.

Last year, I had the pleasure and honor of working with Dr. Chris Boleman on another book project, the "Big Hands, Big Heart" book about Dr. Hesby. But actually I have known the Boleman's for MUCH longer than that. Believe it or not, we actually both showed together in the Texas Junior Livestock program. Chris is MUCH older than me. HA. I remember as I was a young girl showing in the TCCA that the Boleman twins, Chris and Craig, pretty much won every steer show you can imagine with their awesome Brangus steers. I distinctly remember the first time I met them, along with their parents Pat and Dr. Larry Boleman at a prospect show in Cleburne, Texas.

Later, when I started school at A&M, I worked for Dr. Larry Boleman for 4 years as a student worker in the beef cattle extension office. Best times of my life. And then even later than that, when I went back to work at A&M after grad school as the marketing coordinator for animal science, my office was next door to Dr. Boleman. So, to say that I love the Boleman family, well that is an understatement. It's a fact that if weren't for Pat and Dr. Larry Boleman, and Dr. John McNeill, I probably wouldn't be where I am today.

Through these relationships I also had the honor of meeting Dr. Tanksley, who is Pat's dad, Chris's granddad. A wonderful man who was a friend to all. A true Extension educator.

So all of this, I guess counts as a recommendation for the book. To be honest, I have been seeing this book promoted all over the internet for the past few weeks, but I didn't quite know what to expect. When I got it, I was hooked after the first pages. The book has lots of great stories about Dr. Tanksley, the Extension mission, and the special way that so many Extension educators can touch our lives. Then it has lots of great poems too that all relate to livestock.

This book is one of the best books I have ever seen to describe the mission and the heart of Extension educators. And anyone who's done anything in agriculture can attest that along the way, an Extension educator helped them. Whether it be a county agent, a state beef specialist, or a 4-H leader, the people who believe in the Extension program make a huge difference in the lives of farmers, ranchers, showmen, and more. Quite simply, I LOVE Extension programs and educators. And this book is one that describes one of the best: Dr. T.D. Tanksley. Oh man, it's a great one. I highly recommend it to anyone who's ever showed livestock in Texas, or the nation for that matter.

You can order it online at

And, a personal BIG congratulations to Chris (and to Randi, who probably put in just as much work as CTB did on this one) for publishing an amazing book that is sure to touch the lives of everyone who reads it!

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