Thursday, January 12, 2012

Akau- WHAT?!

It is always really exciting when we get to work with a new client. But sometimes, those clients take that excitement one step further and hand us something completely new and different. This year in Denver, you may just get to see this new and exciting in action. When Heart Brand Beef approached us about making a display banner for the yards, of course we said yes… but immediately after we had to ask – what exactly is this banner for?

The story of HeartBrand Beef starts in 1994, when the Akaushi breed of cattle were being transported between Japan and the United States – a little by accident. Today, that group of cows is controlled in Texas by the group named HeartBrand Beef, Inc.  So what makes this breed so special? I must say, as a retired collegiate livestock judger, my first thoughts were not positive. My fiancée has been talking about this breed for some time now, saying how he wants us to start raising them. After one look my answer was no, no and again – no!
But, these breed is so much more than meets the eye. In Japan, cattle breeds are divided into dairy and Wagyu. Akaushi cattle fall into the Wagyu (or more beefy) breed. Fifty years ago the Japan Association of Akaushi started registering these cattle to keep a closer eye on their carcass figures, pedigrees and general worth to the rest of the beef industry. As a result of this close inspection, the cattle became extremely uniform and consistent throughout from genetic line to genetic line. Today, the uniformity of Akaushi carcass performance characteristics is superior to all Western beef cattle breed.
So in essence, my fiancée may be on to something. Here is a breed that can be crossed with breeds that excel in just about whatever, and will without question improve the outcrosses grading and yielding potential. The Akaushi cattle are doing what every other branded beef program in the U.S. has been trying to do for years, and does so with utter consistence.
If you can get over the initial “kind of looks like a range Gelbvieh/Limousin/Lion cross, the breed is wonderful! And the meat? I’ve heard is the best you will ever have. The most tender and flavorful cut of meat that essentially melts in your mouth! So, where can I sign up?!?! (Yes, so I suppose my fiancée wins this battle).
So we thank you, HeartBrand, for letting us help you promote your product… But I think we all can agree a cut of your meat might be the best form of payment ;)
For more information on HeartBrand and to read further history from what is on this post, visit their site:  

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  1. I just worry because Akushi takes longer to mature.. but crossing it with some Beefmasters I have heard makes a really nice, easy maturing cross.

    However I LOVE Heart Brand beef steaks! So good!