Monday, January 2, 2012

Livestock Merchandising Book

The paperback book is now ready! If you pre-ordered the book or just ordered it over the holiday weekend, the books will mail on Tuesday, January 2nd. Thank you to everyone for ordering online. This is a great book that is filled with tips and strategy on every phase of the livestock marketing and advertising process. 

In this book, you'll find lots of great success stories and examples. Many of these come from projects I have completed through the years here at RHD but it also includes favorites and successful campaigns from several other leading designers and marketers who helped me with this book. If I say so myself, it is truly a book that features the best of the best in the livestock business. Here are just a few of the ranches and businesses that are featured:

  • Cattle In Motion
  • Cattle Mail USA
  • J.D. Hudgins, Inc.
  • V8 Ranch
  • Pembrook Cattle
  • GKB Cattle
  • Purple Reign Cattle
  • Circle T Cattle Co.
  • Sullivan Farms
  • Conley Angus / Conley Cattle
  • Cates Farms
  • Matt Lautner Cattle
  • R.A. Brown Ranch
  • Tusa Cattle
  • The Exposure Sale
  • Ankony
  • Limestone LLC
  • Top Cut Genetics
  • Teague Family Shorthorns
  • Bauman Cattle Co.
  • Wintex Farms
  • Bulls Eye Ranch
  • Duelms Prevailing Genetics
  • Dismukes Ranch
  • Express Ranch
  • Rosanky Cattle
  • Michigan State University
  • Studer Shorthorns
  • Ratcliff Ranches
  • Bushy Park Farm
  • Thomas Charolais
  • Cyclone Trace
  • Detering Red Brahmans
  • Leachman Cattle of Colorado
  • Great Shorthorn Revival
  • Habeger Show Cattle
  • Lautner Farms
  • Topline Angus
  • LaMuneca Cattle

 Livestock marketing professionals and other designers featured:

  • Carlos Guerra
  • Martha Garrett
  • Julie French
  • Christy Collins
  • Brad Hook
  • Arin Strasburg
  • Joelynn Donough
  • Chris Rosa
  • Stephanie Cronin
  • Jon Fisher
  • Matt Lautner
  • Jim Williams
  • Bob Hudgins
  • Tim Lockhart
So, this really is a very comprehensive, informational book that covers everything you need to know about livestock advertising. Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far! If you would like to order, you can visit

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