Friday, January 6, 2012

Facebook Welcome Pages

This week we launched one of our new services, which is creating custom Facebook entry pages.

Every business needs a facebook page. (Call us if you need help with that). But after you develop the page, a professionally designed Facebook fan page is the next step in your facebook marketing. These pages help you increase the number of "Likes" on your page and encourage people to visit your website. 

So, of course, as our guinea pigs we did our own, which you can see here. When you first go to the RHD facebook page, if you're already a fan (which we hope you are) you probably didn't even notice anything different. 

However if you aren't a fan, instead of seeing our wall, you see this entry page. It lists our logo, brief overview of our services, and a link to our website. It also has the arrow at the top encouraging people to like our page.  Once you like the page, you get directed to our wall. 

Second Guinea Pig: V8 Ranch. Here is an example of their custom entry page. 

Oh, and this might be the best reason to get a custom facebook entry page....
Ever heard of facebook stalkers? ha. 

Those are the people who creep your page to see what you're doing but never actually like your page. They might be your competitors, or a nosy neighbor. Facebook entry pages help eliminate that. Because now these stalkers have to like your page to actually see your content. HA HA

We would love to do a facebook entry page for you. Give us a call or email 

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