Monday, January 9, 2012

Charlie 1 Horse Denver Market Flyers

While our stock show friends are going to the National Western, lots of our retail and western fashion industry clients are heading over to the Denver Market. Which means we've got a whole lot of action going on related to Denver this time of year.

One of our favorite projects for the Denver Market was working with Kaci Riggs of Charlie 1 Horse Hat Co. to create marketing materials to feature their new line of hats featuring the Sweetbirds hat pins.

We have been working with Charlie 1 Horse for the past 4 years, working on both print and web projects for them. Every time I design something for them I think, okay I'm going to start dressing like this and man, I'll be looking GOOD. But, alas, I don't quite think I have the look to pull it off ha ha.  But seriously, these hats are awesome and adding the Sweetbird Studio pins make them even cooler. What a cool look. 

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