Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New RHD Site: Ratcliff Ranches

Ratcliff Ranches is a commercial and registered Angus and SimAngus seedstock producer and cow/calf operation. The Ranch, headquartered in Vinita, Okla., is always growing and changing its interests to fit today’s cattle market and consumer needs. With its 25,000 owned acres and an additional 10,000 leased acres, the ranch currently runs over 5,000 cows. The Ranch is comprised of five ranches located in NE Oklahoma and one ranch in SE Kansas.

Owned by the J.L. Ratcliff Family, the Ranch is committed to improving their genetics and utilizing cutting-edge tools, like the Pfizer 50K Genomic test as another opportunity to capitalize on an already solid genetic program.

Their goal is to provide ourselves, as well as beef customers, more pounds of beef with fewer head of cattle, which can only be achieved by selective genetics and disciplined breeding strategies.

Every rancher has a set of genetics, the difference between Ratcliff Ranches and the average rancher, is their genetic base and the determination they have to build the ideal genetic make-up of an animal.

In addition, they also have a commitment to animal health and humane handling practices. All of their cattle are on a strict Pfizer health protocol. Most are processed using the Blackwell facility, which is designed by Temple Grandin, who is well known for her efforts and expertise in humane animal handling practices.

Ratcliff Ranches encourage you to visit them anytime you are in the area. Their door is always open!

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