Monday, October 10, 2011


By now, basically everyone at RHD has become addicted to Pinterest, thanks to a recommendation from Brandi Bourg. What is Pinterest? It's a virtual pinboard where you can share recipes, DIY tips, interior design, crafts, fashion, photography, quotes, wedding ideas, home improvement ideas, books, and more. It's a brand new addiction for all of us ladies on the internet!

You can "pin" and "re-pin" things from others on Pinterest, and it's a great way to collect ideas of things you like, and things you WISH you had time to do ha ha.

One of the things we really like about Pinterest is all of the inspiring quotes. So, we decided since we have the capability of creating graphics, we are going to waste more time contribute to the Pinterest community by creating graphic versions of a few of our quotes so our friends and followers can re-pin. Here are two of our favorites....first, the Code of the West, which are part of our guiding principles of how we do things here at RHD.

And our second one, in honor of Dr. Brandi Bourg, since she's the one who got us all started on this. We thought this one was a good one for her. This quote is also hanging in the house of my good friend Salina Locke (who's a nurse) and who's husband is a rancher. If I can find one for my house I'm getting one too! :)

So enjoy, and watch for more, and start pinning away.

P.S., If you're not on Pinterest, and want an invite to join, email or and we'll send you an invitation from our account.

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