Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New RHD Site: Burns Farm

For more than 50 years, Burns Farm has been producing registered horned Hereford that excel in both phenotypic and genotypic qualities. Their goal is to produce cattle that make a profit for them and for their customers. All of the cattle have complete performance and carcass data.

Raising and marketing of beef cattle has been a part of the family heritage for decades. The site in Pikeville, TN was settled by Randel and Helen Burns in 1947. Their registered Hereford cow herd started with the initial investment in two Hereford heifers purchased at the Duck River Hereford Association sale in 1953 as a 4-H project for Phillip. Later, Hereford females were purchased for Joe. The brothers worked together for decades to cultivate and develop reliable, efficient, and easily manageable cattle that will work in virtually any beef cattle operation. Phillip and Joe are both recognized cattlemen, proudly serving in multiple cattle associations over time. In addition to many other appointments, Phillip served as the president of the American Hereford Association and Joe has served on the board of directors for the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association and the Bredley/Bledsoe Farmers Coop. Joe is currently an Animal Health Inspector for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Phillip’s children (Joe, David, and Sarah) and Joe’s sons (Walter and Sam) were blessed to grow up with exposure and involvement in the cattle industry and specifically, Herefords. David currently serves as manager for the business. Burns Farms historically ran all sales by private treaty. In 2009, they held their first annual bull sale and in 2011 began their female production sales. Extensive individual records have always been kept for the cow herd, both registered and commercial, with rigid culling for predictable performance. There is focus on use of genetic and estimated progeny difference information, phenotypic evaluation, and optimal nutrition to promote growth and development of high quality bulls and cows. Burns Farm is proud to offer ready-to-work Hereford bulls, as well as excellent females, both Hereford and black baldies. Thank you for coming to the site, please contact them with any questions or interest.

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