Thursday, October 20, 2011

New RHD Site: Crestview Commodites

Founded in 1942, Crestview Farms has been a grain operation since the beginning. They strive to take good care of their own land and the ground that their landlords have trusted us with for many years. They grow mostly corn, soybeans and wheat, and also grow hay for their cattle operation.

Crestview Commodities would like to help your farming operation by assisting you with your grain marketing. Whether you have 500 bushels or 500,000 bushels, Crestview Commodities will help you find the best deal available for your Corn and Soybeans.

They take pride in their daily work of providing food for the world, not only through their grain farm, but also our livestock operations. Farming is a challenge, but it’s something they enjoy each day. It’s a way of life they all appreciate and wouldn’t trade for anything. If you are a landowner, Crestview Farms welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about taking care of your land in the future.

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