Friday, May 25, 2012

Megan's BACK!!!

Look who's back at the RHD office for the summer!!!

Megan Cullers, the best intern ever at RHD!

Last summer, we were able to hire Megan for our summer intern, since she was home from attending college at Abilene Christian University. She was simply amazing. (See former post - Megan Cullers = Awesome) Everything she did was amazing. We were so sad to see her go. As she was heading back to college, we all said, PLEASE come back next year and help us again.

Throughout the year, we always see Megan at shows, because her family owns Heritage Cattle. That's her and her dad Judd in the picture above. I forgot to mention that Megan is a brainaic. Like smartest girl I know style. She had told us that she was going to be applying for a very prestigious internship program over the summer for a nursing program, which was her college major. WAS being the keyword. We all knew that if she applied for this internship, she would obviously get it. And then there goes her coming back to RHD for the summer. the Brahman Elite sale, she gave us some good news for us! She had changed her major, and career direction. Instead of aiming for a career as a nurse, she is going to change her major to study to be a physicians assistant. Which means, the prestigious nursing internship would be a waste for her. ENTER RHD.

We jumped on this opportunity, and basically pleaded with her to come back to work for us for the summer as our intern again. She came back last week, and is already busy working on projects for junior nationals, state fairs, a Brahman catalog for World Brahman Congress, and a big Hereford website. (You'll have to wait to see what Hereford client it is, but it's big!)

So welcome back Megan! We are SO GLAD to have you!

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