Friday, May 11, 2012

The Tusa Yearbook

Funny how some ads take shape.

On Monday, Joelynn was fervently trying to prod along the Tusa's to get all of their material for their ad which is coming out in DRIVE magazine this month. Joelynn had been working with Tiffany at Tusa Show Cattle and the rumor around the RHD office was that the ad was going to have about 12 pictures and be a 1 page ad. We had the deadline down as the 15th, and considering it was the 7th and we still didn't have the material, we were getting nervous.

So, I told Joelynn to call DRIVE and ask if we could get a few more days extended on the deadline. That's when they told us that the deadline was actually the 10th...not the 15th. PANIC SETS IN. That's a 3 day deadline. 12 pictures on a 1 page ad is very difficult. We're both nearly in tears.

So Joelynn then frantically calls Tiffany, explains the urgency of the moved up deadline, and the two ladies get everything squared away. I go in for a meeting with Joelynn and she says to me that it is a 1 page ad, 20 pictures, and a paragraph of text for each picture caption.

Now panic REALLY sets in for me, I literally said, I can't design this. I call in Liz, and call an official pow wow between me, Joelynn, Liz and Stacey. We have to try to figure out a plan.

Again, nearly in tears, I'm begging Joelynn to see if she can get Ingrid to extend to a 2 page ad. And that's when Joelynn says, they don't need a 2 page ad, they need their own Tusa Show Cattle Yearbook!

As soon as she says the word "Yearbook" I was like - I've got it! I run back into my office, and in about 30 minutes, have the ad layed out and ready to proof.

As we sent the proof out, Tiffany and Ingrid loved the ad, and so did we! Deadline was met, everyone was happy, and we just created one of our all time favorite ads of 2012! So as they say, two three four heads are better than one!!!

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