Thursday, May 24, 2012

WHR & V8 Ads for the July Shorthorn Country

This time of year we are always busy working with our many Shorthorn clients, either for the Texas Shorthorn Association directory or the July Shorthorn Country issue. Besides Brahman customers, Shorthorn is our biggest breed that we serve here at RHD. We have designed quite a few ads already for the July Shorthorn Country, including these recent ones for WHR Shorthorns and V8 Shorthorns.

Here is a sneak peak at the WHR ad...

This ad shows off Mr. Rasor's gorgeous cow herd as well as his mad photography skills. Mr. Rasor is one of the top cattle photographers and we always love seeing the photos he sends in for his ads. This ad features two of his herd bulls, DF Waco and WHR Ft. Worth.

Another sneak preview at the V8 Shorthorn ad. This ad was whipped up in a matter of hours. Joelynn rushed out to the ranch to take some scenic pasture pics (while trying to avoid copperhead snakes) and Rachel designed this one just in time to meet the early bird deadline. 

Look for these ads plus others coming out in the July Shorthorn Country.

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