Monday, April 30, 2012

Hott off the press!

It is always exciting whenever one of our clients makes a splash in their given field of expertise. This is definitely one of those moments. We first met the lovely Katy Williams when she had us design the graphic for her Little House on the Horizon blog. However, her recent venture with us is one anyone can be proud of!

Katy Williams is a writer from Texas. She grew up on her family’s ranch, Box S Cattle Company in Bryan, Texas. She is a wife, a mother and a fifth generation rancher.  It was this western way of life and love for her family and writing that allowed her to document real-life stories and events. Katy keeps a journal in her purse so she can record any memory or happening that may come along.

This came in quite handy when she decided to write her first book, “Where’s My Cowboy Hat.” The tale is of a young boy working on the ranch that has misplaced his hat and truly feels like he cannot work the same without it.

The popularity of the book is no doubt thanks the Katy’s experiences and compassion. You can purchase the book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or by contacting Katy.

For the blogger who became a published offer, we say congratulations Katy Williams and thanks for letting us help with your promotion!

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