Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shared Lutheran Ministry

We are extremely excited to introduce our newest web site client, Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County. In Fayette County, Texas, four Texas congregations made the decision to enter into a truly shared ministry. This is in efforts to provide the best tools for their members to grow as disciples of Christ and to effectively proclaim the good news of Christ in the communities and the world.

By looking this colorful and fun site, viewers are able to learn about what the church has to offer as well as staff and team member. Anyone in the surrounding area is more than welcome to attend one of the upcoming events or services.

The four churches that make up the Shared Lutheran Ministry are St. John Lutheran Church in Ellinger, Texas, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, Texas, St. John Lutheran Church in Rutersville, Texas and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Warrenton, Texas. The site highlights each church and give worship times and locations.  

The Shared Lutheran Ministry offers nursing home worship, home communion, youth and family groups, worship and music groups, and so much more. Check them out on Facebook or give them a call. They would love to help you!

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