Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome Ragland Herefords!

Whenever one of our good friends calls to book a new web site, we get really excited! Especially when we know the site is going to be awesome! This was most definitely the case for our Texas pals, the Ragland Family.

Ragland Herefords created this site to provide viewers with an opportunity to meet the family, learn more about their operation and to showcase results of over five generations and eight decades of hard work and dedication in raising top quality Hereford show steers.

For 35 years, Ragland Herefords has been focused solely on producing high quality Hereford show steers. A small operation in the West Texas town of Ralls, Texas with only 60 registered Hereford cows, the ranch has concentrated on producing quality, not quantity.  The herd has been primarily build through many years of Artificial Insemination. Most of the current cows in the herd are ones they have raised, kept and bred.

William Forest Ragland started the operation in Dickens County back in the early 1940’s. Since then, generation after generation has continued with the operation and its tradition of excellence. It is this mindset that has allowed the family to produce numerous grand and reserve grand champion Hereford steers across the state of Texas.

The latest generation of Raglands is making his way to the top of the industry no just cattle wise. Brady is a graduating senior at Texas Tech University. He was a member of the National Champion Intercollegiate Livestock Judging team at Louisville last year and earned the once in a life time title of High Individual and National Champion, something that is every single livestock judger’s dream.

The future is extremely bright for our friends at RaglandHerefords. Check out their site and see for yourself the kind of quality that years of dedication and hard work can provide!

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