Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Pronouce "Cutrer" - Ideal Video Blog

Yesterday we had a very fun filled day at RHD as we were shooting a video with fellow Aggies Blaine and Wade Fischer of Ideal Video Productions.

We'll post more when we have the final official video, but let's just say it was a very fun day where everyone here at RHD got some camera time and got interviewed. Personally, I don't think I have worn that much makeup since my wedding. I almost didn't recognize my own self ha ha.

After we wrapped up the regular filming I had the honor of being one of the guests on the Ideal Video Blog.

When Blaine emailed me this morning with the link, Brandon and I watched it at home real quick, and before we could start watching it he said "Let's see how many times you do that stupid little giggle like you did in the Denver videos."

Well I am PROUD to say that I did not do the stupid giggle NOT ONE SINGLE TIME in this video lol.

Thanks to Blaine and Wade for having me on their blog, and watch for our new video coming soon!

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