Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attention All Bloggers!

Are you a blogger? These days you ain't nothin' unless you have your very own blog! Well, if you're gonna blog, you need an good looking blog don't you? In the past month it seems like we have been working on tons of blog designs. So if you're a blogger, maybe we can help you.

We can do a couple of different options. The easiest and most versatile for our customers is if we design your blog graphics, then send them to you for your use. You can choose whatever template you want, customize your colors, etc.

Are you a Crystal Cattle fan? Who isn't! Check out this popular blog, in which we designed the graphic at the top for Crystal.

Black seems to be a popular color for blog templates, so most of our blog graphic designs have a black background. Here is another recent blog headline design....

We've also done graphics for these popular blogs:

And lots more!

So if you're a blogger, and want to spruce up the look of your blog, let us help! 979-532-9141 or

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