Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shower and Party Invitations

Lately at the RHD office we've been in the real party mood. Wait, I wouldn't say that is "lately", I'd say it's been since we got our new office. We're always looking for a reason to have a party. Last month we had an office baby shower for Carole.  In January, we're all looking forward to Kinleigh's 1st birthday party, and later in the spring a baby shower for me (Rachel).

Okay so if you're into parties, stuff like this can get you pretty wrapped up in creating a fun invitation. It seems like the possibilities for these invitations are endless. For Kinleigh's party, we created a custom birthday card invitation. But, here are a few 1st birthday party invitations from our catalog of Tiny Prints, and I couldn't help but post some favorites.
"The Big ONE"

Photo Year: Begonia

And this one is a little more spendy but just the cutest thing ever......

"Exciting Times"

OH, and there are lots of cute designs for boys too, we just happen to be in a girly mood :)

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