Monday, October 25, 2010

Training Tutorials for Web and Graphic Design

Some good advice given to me by Christy Collins about 5 years ago: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." We tell ourselves that almost daily here at RHD, and as it's been pointed out numerous times, a lot of graphic designers imitate the design styles created by RHD. About a year ago we started the RHD Boot Camps, as a way to help train others in the graphic design and web design skills. We've found that helping others develop professionally is just one of the rewards of being at the top. That's why we're happy to help people when they have a technical question. Or happy to give advice to a starting designer who needs some professional direction. People like Julie French did that for me, and I'm happy to do it for others.

The RHD Boot Camps have been a huge hit. We've had people from the United States and even Australia come here to learn from us. We've had individual ranchers wanting to learn more about doing their own advertising, staff members from corporate businesses, and communications professionals from organizations and associations. Each day we spend at a boot camp is fun for both us and the campers. It's a great feeling when people say things like "WOW!! That's going to save me tons of time!" or like...."Nice...I never knew how to do that!"

Maybe one of my favorite boot camp stories is about Kelli Brown of R.A. Brown Ranch. They just had a tremendous bull sale. Kelli is responsible for putting together their sale catalog....which is about 200 pages. Prior to coming to RHD Boot Camp, she was spending about 6 weeks on the catalog, and typing in each pedigree one by one. After coming to boot camp, she learned how to do automated data merge, which cut her production time in half!!!!

Boot camps are currently being scheduled through December. The holidays make a great time to come down to Texas. The camp costs $500 and you can choose your preference of what you want to learn: web, print, or both. It's your day and we customize it to help you get the most out of the camp.

Another option we are going to be adding is online tutorials on this blog. These will be short little instructional bits that will help other designers or aspiring designers with common tips to speed up your workflow and improve the quality of your work. We'll try to do one a week, but you know during busy times we sometimes forget to blog, so don't hold us to that!

We are also offering our graphic design template packages available for sale at $25. Watch for more nifo on this in future blogs. This package will include the basic templates needed for graphic designers with set up templates for different size ads and formats such as full page 4-c ads, signs and banners, 2 page ads, half page ads, etc. These come in really handy when you are getting started to help you make sure you are following guidelines for page size, bleed, and margins.

So watch for upcoming information coming soon, and keep checking weekly for new training information!

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