Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Costume Contest

Last year we had a fun little "contest" here at RHD for the cutest Halloween costume.....and we're doing it again this year! We're asking all our friends to send us the cute pictures of their little ones all dressed up for Halloween. Actually, the contest isn't limited to just can be adults as well. Last year's winners were Avery Blunier of Duis Farms and Heston Turner of Melatonin Implants.

So after you get those adorable Halloween pictures off your camera, send them to us. We'll give everyone a few days to get the pics on their computer then announce our favorite costume winner about a week after Halloween.

THE PRIZE: The winner of our favorite Halloween Costume Contest will each receive credit for one free quarterly web site fee if they are a current customer....and if you're not a current RHD customer and you win, you can cash that prize in when you do get us to do your web site :)

Christa is going to be our official coordinator of this contest, so send in your cute pictures to or and we'll pick the favorites!

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