Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New blog to read: Z-N-T Cattle

I came across a new blog yesterday after reading the blog....Zane Mai's ZNT Cattle blog. I really enjoyed it. I first read the topic that Jeff was talking about: "Enough is Enough", then I started looking around at other articles and I found myself spending an hour on the blog.

After reading Zane's thoughts on online sales and e-mail blasts, I felt a smidgen of remote guilt because at RHD we do send out a lot of e-mail blasts. I sure hope he wasn't talking about us! But I don't think he was, because we take e-mail and spam issues very seriously. We have about 12,000 names on our email blast list, all voluntarily signed up. We sort clients by the species they like, such as club calf, swine, etc. We don't really even send out goat email blasts so I think we're off the hook from Zane. :)

Anyway, if you like reading blogs, check his out, I know I sure enjoyed it.

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  1. RHD is one of the advertisers that I really do enjoy receiving email blasts from. The emails are focused toward the type of operation we run. E-Blast's go so much further when they are recipient specific.

    My advise to all E-blaster's is to make sure the pictures and information show up on portable electronic devises. If I can't read it on my Iphone, I delete it.

    Thanks for reading my blog Rachel! Keep up the great work at RHD!