Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun Day with Cam Smith, Allied Beef Genetics

We had a real fun day today at the office with Cam Smith of Allied Genetic Resources, who was here with us doing a boot camp on print design. Allied Genetic Resources is a new concept in the beef industry as a firm that helps beef producers with commercial success and added value for their cattle.

Cam works at AGR with two of our good friends, Marty Ropp and Troy Marshall, another RHD client at Marshall Cattle Company. Whenever we first met Cam this morning, I remarked that she looked familiar, that I think I knew her someway. Then she informed me that maybe we met through showing, because her family was the owners of 3C Ranch, as in owners of 3C Macho, owners of Meyer, etc. Wow, we did not know we had such a celebrity in our mix!

While Cam came to learn about print design, we actually put her to work on another task: our new RHD staff pictures!!! We had a photographer lined up, who had to cancel at the last minute. Since everyone was dressed up and ready to go, we asked would she mind if she did the photos! Way to put someone on the spot, right? But she agreed and served as our stand in photographer to take our new company pictures. Watch for them coming soon!

After the day of training in Photoshop and InDesign, where Cam actually pretty much did an entire pretend sale catalog from start to finish in one day, we decided to go learn about something new: Brahman cattle. You know me, I'm not going to miss an opportunity to tell my northern friends about the role of Brahmans in the beef industry. Despite the fact that Cam said she thought Brahmans resembled a buffalo (WHAT!!!!!), she loved them. I warned her that the Brahman bull at the V8 showbarn was a big pet and would chase her out of the pen....because he wanted to be scratched and petted more! And sure enough, the big fellow followed us right up to the gate begging us not to leave.

So here are some pictures of our Simmental breeder with her new Brahman bull friend. Who knows, maybe we'll see Allied Genetic Resources utilizing some Brahman blood in their commercial crossbreeding programs! :)

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